Thursday, May 7, 2009

21 Things About My Fashion, Food, and Life Style

  1. I just like to wear black, white, and gray clothes... hahaha.. i don't know why, but i think these colors give me more confident, and they look so high fashion for me... also, they are easy to mix & match with other colors.
  2. Love to eat sushi and sushi.. hahaha. i think once is never enough! my fave sushi resto is sushi tei, mkg 5! wow... every week i always go there... my fave : salmon, tuna, and crab. yummy! ^^,
  3. Gogirl and Girlfriend are two magazines that i frequently buy and read. i like both of their fashion and layout.
  4. Highwaist short, black tights, ankle boots, overall tube top, and drawstring bag are five things in my fashion list that i reaaaaaallly wanna buy but i've never bought them. xD
  5. The patterns i love : plaids and stripes! xD
  6. Black eyeliner can make your look totally different! liquid eyeliner is very great, though it's so hard to apply them
  7. If i go to Pizza Hut, i will order soup and salad. the salad just contains potato, carrot, macaroni, egg, mushroom, and mayonaise!
  8. Fashion Brands that i like : Zara, Mango, Pull n Bear, Body n Soul, and Charles&Keith. but, since their price hv been raised and become so expensive, i'd rather to buy them at dicount. xD
  9. I really like to eat 'sate ayam'! i like the one in my campus... i often buy two portions of that, only if i get so hungry of course! xD
  10. Camera is one thing that cannot be appart from my life! ^^, i really like to bring my cybershoot from my brother when i go somewhere... i dont mind to take a picture everywhere... and especially candid my friends!
  11. Hot items now (for me) : zippered dress (so cool!), floral (always looks good at summer), Blackberry (it's so happening), and blazer (no need tosay more)
  12. Used to like Gossip Girl and America's Next Top Model, but now i prefer 90210.. hahaha, i like Jessica Sroup. she is so pretty!
  13. I dont really like to go to a saloon... just go there once in 6 months or more, to hv a haircut.
  14. Love to wear cardigan! especially my grey and black cardigans! xD
  15. I just watch tv when i am at my kost. usually i watch ftv at sctv.. -.-
  16. I like long and loose clothes... especially made of cotton... so comfortable!
  17. I dont like music very much. if i listen to it, it is just when i am in the blue... but lately i often go to 'karaoke' with my ws friends. 'Bila Rasaku Ini Rasamu' by Kerispatih is my fave!
  18. I prefer to go shopping alone. if i go with my friends, i can buy lots of things.. hahhaa.
  19. Quickly is my fave buble tea drink! i like its thai tea and chocolate drink...
  20. Beauty items i usually use : mark n spencer body lotion & deodorant, body shop moisturizer -tea tree oil-, skin food perfume, macadamia straightening balm, and body shop compact powder.
  21. Love my sanur friends (cindy, ju, yoan, vane, lovi, rini, fe2 sun, tice, dita, ya2, and others -f13b-), love my ui friends (christa, sarce, vana, phil, tom, meta, wil, jef, and others - geng gawul), love my wallstreet friends (ronald, arman, ness, leph, bill, dell, robin, sexy, joan, tink2, and my lovely consultant, mr Anwar!) and love to take lots of pictures with them. lols!


  1. WoW
    Mantap inggris na...
    Beda Treshold :p

    Btw, ky oke aja fashion u
    kan u vest forefer

  2. sial loee... hahhahaa.. gw tadinya juga maw bilang gw suka bngt ma vest.. hahahha.. temptation noh.. mengoleksi berbagai macam vest! xD
    emang knpa dengan inggris gw? keknya biasa aje... hehehe...
    thx ya dagh baca.. ^^,

  3. weks..
    hobi yang sangat mewah..

    kok u ga tulis hobi u bermain game?

    kayanya selain itu, kita ga ada yang cocok..

  4. Heh? emang mewah knpe? -.-
    kekna biasa aje...
    hahahaha, iyaaaa kelupaan yagh! mestinya tulis, suikoden, final fantasy, dkk.. ahahhaha....
    thx yo! ^^,

  5. yes,, makasi nama gw disebut pertama yg geng sanur,, tapi ko nama gw ga dimasukin ke geng gawul? kan gw juga geng gawul.. huhu
    sate ayam? gw saksi hidupnya, laen kali foto ah.. hahaha

  6. SIAL loe ciiinn.. hahhahhaa.. ngapain coba foto2 gw makan sate ayam.. xD
    maksudnya dagh disebut di situ, gak disebut lagi di geng gawul.. xD