Monday, July 20, 2009

Kiyadon&Indochine, FX

Wow! i love today sooo much! even though i was lil' bit upset in the morning, but the rest of the day is awesome! we went to FX today, and went to Indochine and Kiyadon. First we ate at Kiyadon.. I like salmon sushi in Kiyadon, the mayonaise is also better than in Sushi Tei. But the price is more expensive (of course, with that kind of place! lol). and the menu of the sushi in Kiyadon is fewer than in Sushi Tei. But overall, i love eating and taking pictures here! ^^v

-at Kiyadon, FX.. you could see ABDA building (my office) behind me-

-view of Kiyadon : glamour design!-

-plater A @ 57 idr : delicious! yummy!-

-karage @29 idr : sooo many oil!-

-lucu liat foto Arman n Nessia ini-

These are photos at Indochine! i loveeee the view sooo much! especially the outdoor with pool view... hehehe. But at night, it becomes club or bar.. hehehe.. I still recommend the outdoor restaurant (closed at Monday).. NICE!

-fall in love with the chandelier-

-me and ness at the toilet. hihi-

@outdoor... : VERY NICE!!! i wanna go there again at night!

-from indoor... dari sini keliatan gedung abda lagi lhooo.. hahhaa-

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