Sunday, July 12, 2009

Korean Food

So here is the story. . . Yesterday i went to Grand Indonesia *again*.. hahahha.
Yep! we try this korean restaurant, Han Gang or sumting... the place was so crowded.. i wonder why many kinds of that expensive restaurants are so crowded? hmmmm.. especially social house .. is the food so delicious? or because anything else?
Soooo... back to our main topic... this korean restaurant has a promotion (maybe that's the one that make people come.. hmmmm). yeah! with mega credit card, we could get 50% off *food only*.. and with uob 20% off *all items*
i ordered bibimbab or sumting like that.. forget the name actually.. hahhaaha...

-korean food.. taste : not so good-

-when east meets west : ketan item ama eskrim vanila-

-ketemu lopi di gi.. akhirnya tightsnya dikasih juga yah.. ^^-

-ketemu cindy juga... (gak maw diskriminasi katanyaa.) hahahha-

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