Friday, July 31, 2009

Suede Suede Suede...

Just wanna say tengyuuuuu to my friend who bought these nice suede shoes for me... ^^v
I really love these shoes, and especially coz they are soooo comfortable. hehehe, i am a shoes lover these days. and i think finding a pair of good shoes is a hard task. mostly, i can find a good (or maybe pretty and adorable) pair of shoes, but if i try them... YUCKS! they will make my feet hurted. hahaha, *but i really love those shoes in online shops,,, still thinking to buy them or not... coz i cant try them on* Buuuttt.. rarely, i can find beautiful shoes and when i try them, they fit nicely! hehehe. andd these shoes are one of them. sooo happy!
Still, finding a pair of good shoes is a hard job! =p
Good night...

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