Saturday, August 29, 2009

We Love Sushi THAT much! ^^

We love SushiTei so much, exactly! =p

well, pictures do more than words, i think... so here you are pleaseee... ^^

-do u like salmon? xD -

- kanikama sushi : i like this crab, cold and sweet -

-Unagi special is so special! xD if u love unagi, u'll love this one!-

-Takoyaki.. I would choose Sushi Groove than Sushi Tei if it is about takoyaki.. =p -

- crab and mayo... wow! ^^ -

-here you go! sum of our plates -

So.. Do you like Sushi? ^^

-me, dell, and ness-


  1. Before : Belom pernah makan sushi...
    After : Jadi pengen makan sushi...

    Haha keep blogging ya ^^

  2. tengyu! ayo sushi tei kalo u ke jkt! =p