Friday, August 14, 2009


-with ws friends at night-

Phew... Finally i am 21 years old now! ahhaha... yesterday was so full of ups and downs...
Well,,, at morning, my mum gave me jewelry for my b'day present! hehehe, thanks Mum! ^^v
And at lunch break, i went to PP with Yoan n Metta .. hahha, i didnt even know that they had already prepared a surprise for me!

They said they wanted to eat at Wendys but i said i didnt want to eat, i wanna see charles n keith and take pictures also! =p

hahaha, but i came to Wendys, and......................... TAAA--RAAAAAA....
christa, rini, vion, philip, peyon, and tomo were there with cake for me! T.T
i just could only smile.. hahhaa... (thanks everyone!!!)

-kue cheese cake factory yg dibeli christa dengan susah payah n membuat dia ditraktir n dianterin secara ajaib! thx yaaa chrisss...-

So, yoan had already planned to give me a surprise at night,,, she said everyone could make it, even william!!!! (his house is at BSD) OEMJIII... but becoz i had plan with my ws friends, she turned it into afternoon... huaaaa... still, thanks a lot yaaa YOR!!!! you're the best! =p

-tiup lilin! aduuh muka2 ngantuk + jerawat. huhuhu T.T -

-@ Wendys... makaseh dah difotoin yoan! -

And.. becoz there is promo at sour sally, buy 2 large, get 1 small free (only for indosat users). so i bought them ss!!! hehehe..

- twisted pake jeruk, mochi n almond... & ... with longan, strawberry, n mochi -

- foto2 di ss.. makasih atas izin balik telat ke kantornya yah Pak Yassin!-

Thanks a lot my Friends!!! lucky to have all of you.. ^^v

ps : kalo kasih taw ada surprise malem2 n bisa hadir byk,mending gw pulang, gw maw bngt bngt kok! hahaha

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