Saturday, September 12, 2009

Girls Day Out

Today i went to MKG again to watch The Proposal *again* with Nessia and Della... ^^ still enjoying the movie, i guess.. hehehe..

Then we ate frozen yogurt at Heavenly Blush. Well, actually i prefer HB than SS... The combo one was so tempting! please enjoy... T.T


- U'd better buy the combo one : the topping is more than the usual one -

- Dell and Me -

- Me and Ness -

And.. after that, we went to Zara and Pull&Bear.. Huaaaa... I like so many things there! I like Pull&Bear that nearly make me bankrupt but luckily it hasn't *yet*! xD

Then,, I went to Pluit, eating seafood there... Huah, I love today! we should do this more often! hahaha... ^^


  1. Wah seafood! Pesen apa aja bos? Jadi pengen kepiting nih, haha..

  2. IYA!!!! gw juga pengen bngt makan kepiting.. huhuhuhu... ayo dah kapan2.. hahaha semuanya kapan2... =p
    btw, tu gak ada gambar seafood-nya, tapi lu pengen2 aja.. dsar maruk! xD