Friday, September 11, 2009

Rakuzen, Pacific Place

Yesterday, i went to Rakuzen at Pacific Place. As one of the partner and one manager in my office will resign, a farewell party was held there! But we named it breaking the fasting... hehe, i like it as long as i was treated. ^^

My first impression for Rakuzen is fancy restaurant! yup! Entering the resto made me feel like that! becoz the entrance is somewhat like lofty. And all the waitress will greet us, everytime they see us. *phew* But overall, i like the food here, great taste, but the price is expensive, just like the first impression of mine. =p

Well, as always, pictures do talk more than words :

- Rakuzen, Pacific Place : unique place, but kindda simple sumhow -

- The Bar -

- We use the private room for 10 people, but if u want to get this room, u have to spend min. 1,5 million idr.. if not, u have to pay the charge for 100k idr -

- Some of the drink list... i prefer ocha for free ^^ -

- complimentary as the appetizer -

- One of the package for 88k, but the salmon sashimi is smaller and the package could not be joined with BNI promo -

- this is complimentary (together with miso soup) if u buy a package, but i dont like it, so just to watch, not eat! =p -

- the udon : quite good -

- unagi + rice for 110k. But unagi is always delicious! -

- They said it was like crispy roll at Sushitei, but i thought it was more spicy... better at Sushitei! -

- That baked salmon outside and mushrooms inside : I LIKE IT! ^^ -

- Those unagi ... YUMMY! ^^ like it too! -

- This mixture of satay is 75k. I only like the chicken and especially the scallop. Better to buy only the scallop ( 2 for 35k) -

- Salmon Sashimi @68k ,,, quite small i think -

- the classic california maki -

- strawberry + ogura + egg -

- Green Tea Ice : I LIKE IT SOOO MUCH -

- Sumhow it's a great place! eventhough i dont like the price... tengyuuuu ... will miss this kind of moment so much! ^^ -

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