Saturday, September 5, 2009

Scrub From Bali

The other day, Nanda gave me scrub a.k.a lulur from Bali. ehhee, yeah he has just visited Bali. He confused 'bout the souvenirs for us... So the idea was to buy scrub for the girls, coz it would be useful enough for us. And! he's right! ahhaha.

There are lots of flavor too : strawberry, milk, green tea, seaweed, etc. and i got strawberry! hehehe.. ^^v tengyuu Nanduuutt!

So, if u are in Bali and confuse bout souvenirs, maybe u can buy these lovely scrub... love Indonesian product! =p

- Strawberry Flavor! -

- the information -


  1. hahaaa, gue juga dapet
    mayan yess!
    di akhirnya bakal ketinggalan tuh virgin coconut oilnya, bagus deh buat ngelembabin kulit kering gue