Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today is so HOT!

Yeah! today is sooooo HOT!
And, unfortunately, my Internal Audit class was canceled.. yeah... i've come to Depok early in the morning, just to know the class was canceled. huhuhu. I hate when the lecturer doesnt come and doesnt tell us the day before! Well,, at least i could eat at Kafe (kantin Fe). it has been three months... =)

Anddd... I kinda feel old. i saw the new students, all wearing the yellow jacket (make the hot day more hot =p) And they asked for 2007's signatures! ahhaha, they usually say : 'misi kak, kakak angkatan 2007?' or sum annoying ones who just say : '2007 bukan?'
luckily, i didnt have to give them my autograph. teeehee.... but tomorrow i have to.. =.= OR maybe i can pretend not to be 2006 student, but 2008 maybe! ahhahaha. xD

So! the good news : i could come home at the afternoon! yeah, since the internship began, i havent come home in the afternoon (except when i was sick). T.T huhuhu, so I LOVE being a college girl again, though it is my last term! Happy hot day everyone! ^^

- plaid shirt, denim short, black sandals-

-very hot day-

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