Thursday, September 24, 2009

Voize for Karaoke

Well, I had a small reunite with some old pals this day... Happy Puppy is so expensive! i dont know whether it's promotion or not, bcoz' promotion is supposed to give us more benefits n I dont see any benefits! hmm.. Yep! if we want to sing for min 2 hours, we have to pay 10,000idr every person to get the buffet (not included drink). And still we have to buy any drink...! I calculated it, and for 2 hours we have to pay for 43,000 idr each person (7 of us)!! And if we want to sing for 1 hour, we have to buy any drink and FOOD! u have to know that the price of the beverage in such place is irrelevant for me. eerrr...

So we decided to move to another place. And one of my friends suggested 'VOIZE'! In fact it is cheap but the place is good. There is a toilet also in every room. But, the sound system is not as good as Happy Puppy. hehe, I think there are echoes if we sing.. And there is no mouse, so we have to operate with keyboard only. Also the choices of the songs arent very completed. Hehe, that's when price DOES matter! We paid for @12,500 idr for 2 hours and 10 minutes. We dont have to buy any drink or food. And also they gave us a voucher of free one hour for our next visit! WOW! xD

- some pictures there -

Family Karaoke
Jln. Boulevard Raya Timur Blok NB1 No. 46 - 47
Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara

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