Saturday, September 19, 2009

What U're Lookin For Has Been Here the Whole Time

I like Taylor Swift's song : You Belong With Me... The lyrics r great, i think.. & good song too. And look what belong with me : ^^
- Red Herring Flats that I want! ^^ -

- Shoe Love is True Love! ^^ -

YEP! finally bought them ... hahha, thx to Christa and her sista who want to buy another one. Surprisingly, there are lots of good and affordable shoes at Debenhams. AND the discount is great too! love many dresses there... ^^
If u bought sumting at Debenhams, u will get vouchers of ColdStone and Debenhams... Great Deal!

Btw, for BCA cardholders, there is a greater deal if u purchase min 100,000idr at ColdStone : DISCOUNT 50%!!! ^^
Yep! so i bought the take away... I fall in love with this greentea flavour becoz of my friend, Angel, and Green Tea Ice at Rakuzen. heheh.. Enjoy, People!

- Take Away for 42,5k idr (after 50% discount) -

- Green Tea with almond, White&Choco Chips -

Notes : I will post about ANTARA DSC soon! hahhaa, got lots of funny picts. =p