Friday, October 16, 2009

Brown Polka

Heh.. As I said in my chictopia, I don't like vintage so much, esp the brown color. But this dress has been in my closet for 1 year, and I've never worn this. Heeeeh.. kindda funny right, because it's me who bought it! xD

So, this is my experiment : hahaha.. (the brown shoes has been worn for just 1 time too! heeeh.. T.T)

-Bloop Endorse blazer&dress, Charles&Keith Shoes-

Today I am so tired! I went to my campus only to see a short presentation... And then I went to Wall Street... little reunion there! hehe,, miss my old friends so much! and.. they've grown up... (only 1 year older), but they are starting to talk and ask me bout the best college... hehe, i said UI, esp the accounting major!!!! xD hahaha... Have a good day everyone! ^^v


  1. Dress dan shoesnya kereeen!! knp ga pernah dpake?
    you should wear them more often ;)..hihi

  2. cantik , bagus . hehehe . btw . ini venny di chictopia ;)

  3. loving the details on your shoes =)

  4. wow so cute!!!love those shoes!!so girly..

  5. Hey.. thanks for all your comments, guys!! just checked it! ^^