Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cheap Thursday

Today I went to ITC Mangga Dua with my mum! Hehee, sounds so good right? Yep!! Although I had a terrible mood in the morning, I feel so happy happy and happy after shopping! xD
Kindda embarassing, I know.. but well,,, that's me! could change my mind easily? eerr...

At first, when my mood was terrible, I didn't have any spirit to shop around.. I just wanna buy silicon for my bb.. And,, surprisingly, when i had this not-so-good mood, I just bargained everything at there! the silicon from 60, become 25... And, also I found this good accessories shop in Pasar Pagi... It is on the first floor and there are bunch of accessories shops at there.. but u must see carefully, becoz the good things are hidden in there, sumwhere.. hahaha. so i bargained the earrings and the bangles! And now i regret that i didn't buy one unique bracelet, like a butterfly, for 20,000 idr. I wanted it for 15,000! xD crazy i know!

For the clothes... I found this amazing shop : D'BUTE! It is at ITC *on the fifth floor, block A, no 328* The price is affordable and the collection is cute also! They said they designed all the clothes by themselves. I bought one unique floral skirt (like a baloon skirt) and a black shirt dress (replica of TopShop). Plus I bought this purple sabrina loose top at Cocopink. Isn't it a nice day? May ur day is also nice like me..

-Gold Earrings for 10,000 idr and Set of Bangles for 30,000 idr-

-Black Shirt Dress, Floral Skirt, and Purple Loose Top-

-Bought new silicon for my BB-

p.s. : sorry seems the hardest word, doesn't it? =(

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