Saturday, October 10, 2009

Edufair @ Sanur

Hahaha, okay it seems like I am not appropriate enough to come to a high-school edufair, but yes! I came! =p

It's just like a reunion to me... bringing back those memories when I was still in high-school (4 years ago? T.T) but I DEFINITELY MISS IT!!! huhuhuhu...

My school, St. Ursula (Sanur) hasn't changed so much. Still with the same painting *green one*, still with the old building, still the same teachers, and still so memorable for me!! T.T

So here it goes the edufair... Two thumbs up for Sanurians! *as always* hehe.. I like the theme : like at airport... Yeah I think the theme is like boarding the high-school students to college. ^^

Here some pictures at Sanur and.. cathedral! =p

Starting here... those books are so heavy! T.T

@ the Edufair! *with pretty flying attendance! =p

So lovely, right? ^^

mirror room in the middle of the park! ahahha..

Nice atmosphere! ^^

@ cathedral


*cathedral! just edited this one ^^*

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