Friday, October 9, 2009

Lace and Floral

Today is so hot... so I really want to wear some tank tops and floral skirt! is it weird? hehe,,, I don't like the pattern of the skirt actually, but it has unique design and also it is just only 75,000! =.=a

Btw. I hate it when my BB doesnt work properly. The push email has an error. Uggh, maybe because i turned my gprs yesterday. huhuu.. Have to bring it to XL center.

-Zara Lace Top, D'bute Floral Skirt, Charles&Keith Shoes, Unknown Bangles-


  1. i love your lace top ! mesti punya lace nih . haha . roknya modelnya bagus . and i agree with you , the pattern is not too good :)

  2. ahaha, iseng itu beli lace top nya wktu itu. thanks ya btw! ^^v

  3. you look like a balerina in the second pic, girl. haha