Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Brother's Shirt

This shirt has been in my brother's closet for 6 years I guess... I picked it for him when I was in high school. And,, since he's in Singapore now, the shirt has been left in home. And now I experience with it. what do you think? =p

-126 shirt, zara chain top, unknown belt, zara fringe shoes-

I am so busy recently so I don't have so much time. huhu. Next week, I have to do my mid-term exam. Internal audit really makes me crazy! and I have to finish my third chapter of intern report. huhu, but I am still so lazy, just blogwalking and chatting. Have to boost up my spirit! ;p


  1. LLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE the style, especially the shirt!!;p btw, mind to swap link??;p

  2. Thank you so much! yup, i'll link you.. ^^

  3. nice outfit!
    I like how you mix&match the shirt..
    looks great on you!!

    anw,,kamu kuliah di UI yaa? semester brp?
    o iyaa, tukeran link yuuk :D

  4. Hey, Fika.. thanks!
    Hehe, iya kuliah di UI .. dah semester 7, dah maw lulus nih. PUsing ngurusin laporan magang. >.<
    Hehe, okay I'll link you!

  5. ah, that shirt is cute! (steal it from your brother, haha) you look great!

    (jumping on the bandwagon, but would you like to trade links too? im loving your blog)

  6. i love this look so so much ! cool dear ! oh kamu dulu sekolah di sanur ? temen aku ad yang sekolah disana . haha .

  7. @Phyllis : Hey! thank you so much! yes yes..! i steal it from my brother! but i think he doesn't use it anymore! xD oke! i'll link yours... nice to meet you!!! ^^

    @Becky : tengyuuu.. iya, dulu di sanur. weleh,,, udah lama tuh.. dari taon 2003 masuknya.. siapa teman km yg di situ? becky masih sekolah? di mana?