Saturday, October 3, 2009


Yesterday I went to Portobello with my friends. It was a small reunion with my high school friends. Portobello is at Twin Plaza 2, one complex with Intercontinental Hotel...

The place is really comfy for chat, a typical kind of lounge and bar. I didn't taste the food, because I was full at that time. I was so tired too, so I didn't have a good mood to enjoy or taste something unique there. According to my friends, the food is not very good... Maybe it's because Portobello is a place for drink or chat only.. And I dont like the waitress who always come to ask whether we want to order more or not. My friend's drink was taken by the waitress, even she hadn't finished it. kindda inappropriate I think. =.=

Well, for me.. So sorry, but I wont come to here again, except someone invite me... But, nice atmosphere! ^^

-The bar-

-comfy sofas with short table-

-Ju's pasta-

-Angel's Whisper, JU said : not good!-

-Me and Ju@ the toilet-



  1. hai yessi, we had been friends on chictopia..
    lets exchange our link if you dont mind :)

    waw, pasta! anw, I very love it!hehe..

  2. Oke.. I will link your blog, Tabita..
    Nice to meet u.. haha, love pasta also! ;p

  3. yessi.. it's my drink! it's called "angel whisper". I think it was to sweet, too much grenadine syrup. its price didn't worth the size either. i thought it was bigger, at least as big as my ice tea =(

  4. IYaaa.. semuanya makanan n minuman Ju! ahahhaa.. gw ma cindy gak gitu suka ju. pait bngt! hoek.. @.@