Thursday, October 8, 2009

Skin Food

Okay, I am not a beauty-addict person. I rarely nourish my skin or hair because of my laziness... And rarely use make-up, because I have a very sensitive skin.

But here come my lovely beauty products... ^^v Actually my big brother who bought me these things, when he was in Korea. Yeah, Skin Food (SF) is from Korea and it is a good beauty product. Well, as I can see, my brother's skin becomes much more flawless because of that. *hehe*

As I know, there are lots of Skin Food stores in Jakarta : Senayan City, Ex, TA, MKG, and.... any idea where it is? =p

Well, according to my brother... the rice mask is one of the popular products in SF. I try it sometimes, and... yeah.. I like it! I think my skin is brighter and more soft. =p I like the Vit C products too, orange scent is great! ^^

And one thing that I like bout SF is that they give lots of free samples! At least I can try some of the product first at home. I know that the shampoo is not suitable for my hair. I know I like the fresh celery soft foam. And also like the Vit C from these samples.

In my opinion : try some beauty products from SF, but not the make up. hahaha, I dont know, but I believe in specialization and just the beauty products for me, i guess. ^^

-Some of my Skin Food products-

-free sample-

-Like this perfume, but rarely use this coz' the scent reminds me of something =( -


  1. skin food juga di sini bertaburan ci . haha . kata temen gua kuteks nya ok .. kayanya make up dia ga meyakin kann . ahahha . temen2 gua juga pd ngmg gitu . haha

  2. Iyaaa.. kalo make up kek nya agak2 kurang meyakinkan. tapi kalo yg perawatan kulitnya dah terbukti. =p

  3. pastinya mahal yaaa...
    mau cantik, ga ada yang muriii :p