Friday, October 23, 2009

A smile is always in Style! ^^

Hello! It's been a long time since my last post. hehehe, well I'm so busy recently, dealing with my mid-term exam, my final report, and the bla. =.=a huaahhh.. feels like i need more time to relax and have funs! wanna go to GI, anyone? =p

These pictures below are tribute for my friend. Love this pink top,,, I do love pink color. Anddd... a smile is always in style, right? Girls are more beautiful if they smile. that's why i love to smile! hehe,, keep smiling! =D

-GAP pink top, Yuan zebra skirt, C&K boots, Miss Selfridges pink clutch-


  1. you looks pretty in the leopard skirt!!

  2. jiayou foyour mid term, and you looks cute there :)

  3. zebra skirt and pink is gorgeous!! :D
    why don't you post a full body pic? hihihi

  4. @ u-ung : thank you so much! ^^

    @ fika : yes! i've just put the full body pic! ^^ thanks a lot...

    @ Yofany : huaaa.. thank you so much... =)

    @ Phyllis : Thanks, dear.. =)

  5. hey babe. interesting blog =) and the layout is so delicious!!

  6. hey :)
    jangan lupa untuk ikutan giveaways at my blog yaaaa :))
    btw love the pink skirt :)

  7. too cute for words ;) loving the whole outfit ;)