Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little Bit of Halloween

Hahaha. I know Halloween is over... But still,,, I was a little bit surprised today when I saw my friend's pictures! Hahaha, he became a 'pocong' and really a scary one indeed... Don't u all agree with me? It was Halloween party for Wall Street student at Indochine. I didn't come to it because I was too lazy to attend a costume party. hahaha. But, I think they had lots of fun there! hahaha. It's too pity that Arman came late and didn't win the best costume. I guess he could win it and get a netbook! hahaha. How bout u guys? Did u enjoy ur Halloween? =D

I took these pictures from his fb:

This was the picture from Halloween last year at Wall Street. I think this Halloween is better than last year. ^^
-became a witch-