Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seven Pink Stuffs

Fika tagged me in her post : Pinky in my room!!
Huaaa.. thanks for tagging me in your post, Fika!
So here is the rule, I have to post seven pink stuffs in my room. Well, Actually I am a pink-holic.. hehe, have lots of pink stuffs in my room. So here we go :

1. My pink curtain

2. My lovely pigs and bear.. The big pig is Babita.. it is named by one of my friend, Yoan. ^^

3. Pink jewelry box... My friend -JU- who gave me this box at my 16th bday... ^^

4. Pink Blanket.. I can't sleep without blanket, even when I was still in my kost where there was no AC.

5. Photo Frame of me, my mom, and my brother... ^^

6. Shopaholic book... Hahaha, I love the pink cover.. and yes, I love the book too. =)

7. Random pink things... Have so many pink things so here are some of them.. ^^

And now, 7 girls that I tag :
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Have funs, girls! anddd.. gonna hurry up, my bf is waiting for me to watching New Moon at Ex! have a nice weekend! =)


  1. aw thanks for the tag girl! hmm pink huh? dont think i have that much.. i really love the pic of you and your mom - so cute!

  2. i do have the same jewelry box as yours, cc!! gonna post this and the award.. thanks for the award, btw

  3. wow seems that you have a lot of pinky stuffs :))

  4. i love pink too! it seems to make everything better =)

  5. thanks for your awrd dear. going to post it soon . :DD

  6. babitaaa...
    i miss her so muchhh yc..