Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shabu Tei

At Saturday, I went to Shabu Tei, MKG3 with my UI friends... Hehehe, I love Japanese food! yippie! ^^

Well, to be honest, the taste of Shabu Tei is not bad, but the price is rather expensive. We got 30% dicount bcoz of the Mandiri card, but still I spend quite lots. hahahaha. Well, I think maybe that's normal price for shabu-shabu restaurant, it's okay for eating there ocasionally. The shabu-shabu is good.. but i dont like the sushi there. hahaha.

I tried one set menu, called Osaka. It's quite big, but as I said before...The taste of the food is quite good, but the sushi is very bad. hahahaha. Maybe it's better for you to just try the shabu-shabu, instead of the sushi or the other menu. ^^

-my set menu : osaka-

-crispy dragon roll-

-ingredient for shabu-shabu-

-bff : best friend forever-