Wednesday, December 30, 2009

500 Days

I watched 500 Days of Summer yesterday. A good movie, I could say... And I love Zooey! She looks so cute. ^^ But well, the movie is not a love story, but it is a story about love. hahaha. Well, I just don't like the ending.. But Summer (Zooey) talked about coincidences at the end of the movie. Somehow, I often think about what she said before. How about if I were't late for the encounter... How about if I didn't come to Walll Street that day.. How about if I went home earlier... The answer is : I wouldn't know my bf! Yes, maybe that's fate. But somehow, just believe that fate is in our hands. Try to reach what you've been dreaming for! =)

-Zara blouse, Dolcevita skirt, Belle shoes, Forever 21 necklace-

-My new shoes-

-500 Days of Summer : good movie to watch-

And by the way, I received the Haute Mess award from Fika-Sweet Escape and Echa-Hei Echa! last week. I know this is quite late, but I didn't have much time last week. Fika wrote about her 7 things that she always wears on her daily life, while Echa wrote about 7 facts of him randomly. I'm going to write about 7 things I like to eat. hahhaa.

7 Things that I like to eat :
1. Green Tea Ice-Cream. I don't know why I am addicted to this flavour. I like the green tea ice cream from Cold Stone, mixed with almond. And, I like the matcha (the green tea ice) too in Japanesse restaurant. =p

2. Baby Octopus from Sushi Tei. It is called chuka iidako if I am not wrong.. Hehehe, I like the taste of the sauce.

3. Strawberry Cheese Cake. Love it! =D

4. Castengel. Catengel reminds me of Christmas. I like it because it is salty... I like the cheese also. huaaaa.. T.Tv

5. Frozen Yogurt. Well most of people like it. I love the plain one or the lychee flavour. Love to mix it with longan, mochi, and almond. Yummy! ^^

6. Italian Food. Love any pasta or pizza... Especially with lots of cheese! Pepenero is good Italian restaurant, but Pizza hut is okay for me. =)

7. Indomie Goreng. Hahaha, I know it's kindda weird. But this instant noodle is one of my favourite! At the middle of the night, I usually get so hungry, and instant noodle is the key anwer for it! =p

Happy holidays, everyone! Hope you enjoy it! =)


  1. Oh my gosh, you have those shoes? I'm adoring them when i went to Mitchybelle last week. And you have them aaaaaaa Envy!

  2. @ Eva : Yes, dear.. hehe, why don't you buy them also? They are so comfy.. ^^

  3. I wanted but i've bought the other things already, i've shopped too much at Mitchybelle on that day so my mom didn't let me to buy it huuuuuu -,- when did you buy them? Masih diskon ga ya mitchybelle? hahahaha

  4. Keknya udah sekitar 2 atau 3 minggu yg laluu... haha, keknya sih masih diskon. iya barang2nya bagus2! huhuhu. But your shoes are great also, Silvi! =)

  5. i also did the 7th thing,hehe..

    love your new shoes =) looks pretty on you ..

  6. Oh, I love italian food too! Your outfit is so good, I like very much your new shoes! I wish you'll have a wonderful time at New Year's Eve!
    I am waiting to see your outfit! Many kisses!

  7. gorgeous shoes! and 500 days of summer is one of my favorite movies <3 zooey deschanel & joseph gordon-levitt are so cute.

    love your blog :)
    - Audrey Allure

  8. 500 days of summer is definitely in my list of favorite movies of all time..honest and realistic <3<3<3

    cute blouse btw..the color is amazing :)

  9. Ohh I want to watch that movie ! Seems so great :) And love your outfit ! Great blouse and shoes ! :D Happy new year to you !

  10. nice outfits love your shoes.. btw i like indomie goreng too :) yuum :D hahahaa

  11. i love your new shoes <3

  12. love love love the shoes <3 nice one!

  13. That is one loooooovely outfit!

    Congratulations on your award ... judging from your blogsite, it's well deserved!

    I think everything happens for a reason and so I think that you're really meant to meet your BF and be together! No such thing as coincidences?

  14. I love James McAvoy, he's sooo cute :)

    i love your new shoes, really cool!

  15. loving your new heeeeels! :)

    annabu :)

  16. aww, I love your outfit dear and the shoes :]
    thank you for the comment and wish you happy new year 2010 too!!


  17. wow love that shoes !
    anyway thx for visit my blog :)
    i love the way u dressed !

  18. loved how u tucked ur shirt half way around !

    btw . u wanna exchange links nga ??

    your blog is a good source for inspiration .
    many thanks to the comment you left :D

    visit / comment / follow me .
    glisters and blisters

  19. I haven't watched the movie.. yet!

    I love the beautiful outfit and shoes!


  20. nice blog,great outfit..:P

    follow mine at


  21. ADOREABLE. (there's nothing much I can say, I think that describes it all) :P


    ps: exchange links? i've linked u already :))

  22. love you so much! I visit your blog daily. wanna exchange links? cause I already did! :D keep up your awesome work!

    P.S. My sister knows you from her previous school days you know!

    check me out pleease!

  23. Oh love this outfit <3 You look so pretty, and the shoes are so fab! Funny I love Green Tea Ice-Cream and Strawberry Cheese Cake too :D



  24. Yes, Belle nya sakit nggak? I bought a pair of their heels. They put such a great pain if I wear them too long.


  25. @ Tabitha : THank you... hahaha, kindda hard to make those 7 things...

    @ Froso : Thank u.. happy new year and many kisses too! =)

    @ Audrey : THank you! yes, love them both! =)

    @ Dotie : Thanks! yes.. what a good movie.

    @ Becky : Thank you, Beck! happy new year to you too.. =)

    @ Novi : Thanks! =)

    @ Echa : hahahha, thank you... love indomie so much! ;p

    @ Merlyn : Thank you, dear...

  26. @ stellectism : THank you! =D

    @ Nina : Thank you! yes... maybe that's fate.. not coincidences! =)

    @ Shirley : thank you.. hehehe, yes, he is so cute! ;)

    @ Anna bu : Thank you! =)

    @ Susan : Thank you... hepi new year too!

    @ Ariyani : THank you dear.. you are welcome. =)

    @ Michelle : THank you! your blog is source of information too! love it so much.. yes, i've already linked your blog... =)

    @ Toothfairy : you should watch it sometime.. hehehe...

    @ Sai-sai : yes, thank you.. =)

    @ Tysha : thank you! yes, I've already linked your blog.. =)

    @ Tamara : Thank you so much, dear! yes, I've already linked your blog too.. nice one. =)

    @ Mon2 : gak sakit sih.. empuk2.. tapi kalo berjem2 pakenya n jalan2 di GI, lama2 pegel juga bo... hahhaha.

  27. @ Emilie : Thank you! yes,, love the green tea ice and strawberry cheese cake so much! ^^