Thursday, December 10, 2009

Black Laces to My Final Paper

Finally I've made it! I submitted my final paper : Analysis of Prospective Financial Statement in Life Insurance Company... =p

Hehe, to think about the title of my paper, it sounds so crazy but actually I made it quite simple somehow,, even there are lots of efforts in it! Well, at least I've finished one of my assignments, ready for the next : final exam! @.@

Now to celebrate it,, wearing a black laces top! =)


  1. where did you get that toppp?? i love laces so muchoo.. saw a kinda similar sleeve on marla singer's blog.. but this one comes with lace which is just what i want.. heheheh please reply to my blog iah i really need to know. and thx for the comment.. (:

  2. wow love your lacey top so much :) it's cute. by the way thanks for linking me. I've linked yours too :)

  3. love the laces detail..
    and love the black one..

    bdw, congratz for the final paper. :)

  4. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog dear :)

    love the whole whole outfit especially the top so cute. you are so tall btw

  5. that top is absolutely gorgeoussss

  6. love the black lace and the skirt ! :D

  7. i'm luvin ur style :) where did u get the padded top? it's so cute!

  8. OMG!! that topp is super duper kewll!!!! love it!!!

  9. @ Talisha : at ribbon shop, ITC Mangga Dua.. I've already dropped the replay comment on your blog.. =)

    @ Eva : thank you, dear! nice to meet you...

    @ tabitha : thank you.. yes it is finally over.. lols.

    @ Shirley : thank you! no, I am just 163cm... maybe the mini skirt makes me taller.. =D

    @ Phyllis : Thank youu! ^^v

    @ Yofany : Thank you, darling.. =D

    @ Castor Pollux : Thank you.. have answered your question too.. =)

    @ Piping : thank you so much! =)

  10. love ur outfit! <3 especially the lace top! ^^

  11. Love your Outfit, the skirt looks also adorable as the top.

  12. Your garments are so unique! You should post where each of your outfit items are from...I'm very interested.