Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gold Buttons

-Gold Buttons Jacket : Kochi Shop-

Finally my exam is over! YIPIEE!! hehe, actually it was over at Tuesday.. but yesterday I was so busy to visit my former office in order to get my internship score from my former boss. Hehe, missing the old days when we were still in the office and just sleeping, eating, gossiping, downloading, and playing! hahaa, so surprising right? I miss my internship.. but now the office is much more crowded. hehe, to think that the company is being more profitable and growing.

My lesson at Wall Street was over too. Yesterday was my last encounter. I am officially out of wall street right now. haha, but still.. why do all my friends (esp my UI friends) think I am a WS girl? >.< I am so embarrased when I look my video at WS's mini center at MKG. huhuhu.. I am so fat in the video. Plizzz don't remind me about that video.. T.Tv

Btw, mention about the picture.. I -exactly my bf- bought the jacket one month ago.. but I haven't worn it yet.. hehe. At that time, I was so confused to buy it or not.. I love the shoulder pads and the gold buttons, but when should I wear it... buy it or not.. buy it or not.. hahahaha.Okay! Will wear it soon! promise! ^^v

ANd.. christmas is near, guys! I love December so much, even though the month reminds me of final exam or deadline of my final report. But the bad things (exams and the final report) have passed, so let the good things come! wanna go shopping and hanging around the city. Currently, I am looking for nice pair of jeans. Any suggestions? =)

Happy long week end, everyone! hope you are fine and happy as always! ^^


  1. heyy yessi!! I love your jacket sooo much!!

    anw,tgl 22 des free gaa?ikutan meet up yuuk di resto seribu rasa daerah HI..yuuk :D..hehehe

  2. same with fika,i luv u're millitary too...
    its so awesome....

    i follow u dear :)

  3. love ur gold buttons military jacket dear!! awesome!

  4. @ Fika : huuaaa.. thanks for the invitation! what time will it be? I will come.. ^^v

    @ Novitaris : thank you so much! =)

    @ piping : thank you... =)

  5. wow nice blog, love your jacket. cute :)

    visit if you want

  6. Wow your dress is so cool ! And also love your dress :) And congrats your exam is over . That must be so much fun ! You were in Wall Street ? I'm thinking of registering there once I graduate high school . Haha . Good luck for finding jeans !

  7. @ Ersa : Thank you... will visit you back..

    @ Becky : thank you, becky.. yes,,, it's a nice place to study english, also you could get lots of friends. Why don't start now? =)

    @ Laura : Thank you so much...

  8. kochi shop dmn yah ??
    i have that same jacket in grey ! hahaha

    thanks for sharing this with us !

    visit my blog + comment + follow !
    GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com

  9. @ michelle : kochi shop ada di ITC Mangga Dua lt 4 block d. deretannya deket cocopink situ.. hehe. iyaa ada yg warna abu2 ama putih juga. =)

  10. suka hunting ke mangga dua ya? great jacket, i love it so much :)

  11. wow, you jacket is lovely!

    I am following you now!