Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hachi Hachi Bistro

How do you like fusion sushi? If you like it so bad, you should try Hachi Hachi Bistro at Mall Taman Anggrek. The portion is quite big, with nice price... And if you like mayonaisse or chili sauce, you will love the fusion sushi here. The best sushi I've tried here is Black Dragon Roll, but the unagi is great also, even though I don't know the name. However, the place is quite small, and there is no sushi bar here. If you like sashimi, I think you shouldn't go here. And also, the ocha is not free and non refillable. But, overall i love the sushi here! =)

-The Black Dragon Roll-

-Unagi lover?-


  1. SUSHII, craze bout it, havent eat it for so long time :)


  2. hey, Hachi2 in my hometown is really famous! I love hachi2 ... :D
    The famous food in hachi2 is the fried udon and for the sushi is volcano! <3 can't get enough with this! hehe

  3. omg you are seriously making my mouth drool with those pics. care to share? =P What's in the second pic of sushi you posted? It looks sooo delicious! I tried to make some fusion sushi last wknd for my sister and her fiance's housewarming party. It was so frustrating to make bcos i was short on time so instead of rolling them in seaweed i rolled them into balls and put the topping on top. im happy to announce that they turned out pretty good. They disappeared pretty quickly...or maybe it was bcos everyone was hungry. hehe

  4. aaa sushi!! hachi2 enaaaaaak memanggg :)

  5. untung gw uda makan . kalo nga bs lappeerr langsung ! hahahaha

    thanks for the sweet comments as always !
    GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com would love to wish a very MERRY CHRISTMAS !
    <3 may you wishes come true .

    xoxo . Michelle ..

  6. @djhang : hahaha yes! it's so great! I love sushi so much.. ^^

    @Froso : hahaha, yes indeed! =)

    @Sandra : Why don't you try it sometimes? hehehe, i love it soooo much! :D

    @Janet : Are you from Surabaya? yes! i love Hachi Hachi! will try the fried udon and the volcano sometimes.. =)

    @ Cindee : hahaha, yes indeed.. you should try them sometimes.. Unfortunately, I don't know what the name of the second pict is.. My friend ordered them for me.. Hahaha, Yes i think making sushi is difficult. It's great if you can make it pretty good. =)

    @ Jessica : Yes!! love it.. ;p

    @ Michelle : hahaha iyaaa.. emang enak bngt! temptation.. btw sushi tei di Central Park juga lagi all you can eat cuma 100rb. Thanks.. merry x'mas too! :)

  7. you are a sushi lover like me :):) btw where do you live?:)

  8. Awwww I love sushi ! Unagi is my favorite <3 Have to go there when I visit TA . Thanks for sharing ! And thanks for linking ! Will link you as well :D

  9. @Shirley : I live in Pulomas.. SOmetimes we should meet up at SUshiTei MKG! ahahhaha.. xD

    @Becky : thanks as well! ahhaha, my bf loves unagi so much...

  10. yes, my hometown is surabaya :)) u should try it! :D

  11. laperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr liat gambarnyaaaa :(

    Restoran ini sangat sangat sangaaaaaatttt MENGECEWAKAN sekali..

    Sistem pelayanan sangat aneh, dimana orang yg datang 15 menit setelah saya memesan di kasih duluan..

    Padahal menu yg di pesan sama. Dan saya sudah 3x menanyakan menu yg saya pesan, bahkan kepada mangernya.. Namun tetap tidak dihiraukan.

    Bahkan sampai org trakhir selesai makan, menu yg di pesan belum datang.

    Sungguh ini konsep yg baru ada di Jakarta. Bahkan pelayan dan manager nya pun tidak bertanggung jawab atas kepuasan konsumen.

    Mereka hanya mengatakan, akan kami cek,. Tp tdk ada tindak lanjut. Dan tidak ada pemintaan maaf dari Manager. Pelayanan macam itu??