Friday, July 31, 2009

Suede Suede Suede...

Just wanna say tengyuuuuu to my friend who bought these nice suede shoes for me... ^^v
I really love these shoes, and especially coz they are soooo comfortable. hehehe, i am a shoes lover these days. and i think finding a pair of good shoes is a hard task. mostly, i can find a good (or maybe pretty and adorable) pair of shoes, but if i try them... YUCKS! they will make my feet hurted. hahaha, *but i really love those shoes in online shops,,, still thinking to buy them or not... coz i cant try them on* Buuuttt.. rarely, i can find beautiful shoes and when i try them, they fit nicely! hehehe. andd these shoes are one of them. sooo happy!
Still, finding a pair of good shoes is a hard job! =p
Good night...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nice Dress.. Nice Sunday...

Today i went to MKG with my brother n cousin... but we had different destination. hehe, for me, i'd like to go shopping! ^^v so i went to Body n Soul and Zara...

A big surprise, sale is everywhere! hehe,,, body n soul is 30% sale all items and it is only for 3 days! sooo.. i decided to buy the dress! i found the dress that i really like from march... huhuhu, but unfortunately the dress is only Medium size,,, i've tried the dress.. it is beautiful but too large for me! T.T so i forgot bout that dress, and bought two dresses...

And when i went to zara,, i really like the new collection, esp the leopard things! huhuhu... but the price is unreasonable! i really like the leopard dress which i tried on... but it is too expensive, still thinking to buy it or buy the shoes.. and i love the cropped blazer that has leopard thing too... but still, it is too expensive... make me think to buy the blazer, the dress, or the shoes! huaaaa.... But at another section, the sale section, there's a big sale there.. so i decided to buy the sale items only.. hehe... can still think about the new collection right? hehehe..

-love this Zara leopard dress soooo much!-

-why is it only M, not S??? T.T-

-bought this dress,, hehehe, not the blue one, but the black one.. coz there's stain on the blue one!-

-wanna have a loose white top.. but the right one is too simple (only love the zipper), so i bought the left one-

And.. at the end,, it is a nice Sunday! This week has been a very hard week (coz of work) .. but at the end, i just shop shop and shop.. happy sunday everyone! ^^v

and sorry cant post anything bout the DSC, the photos are in my laptop, and the internet connection is in my pc... sooo... lil' bit lazy to move those photos! hehehe, next week i'll make the story! tha2...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thanks, Bro! ^^v

Got this charles n keith signature collection from my brother! huaaa... thanks a lot!!! T.T
(even though i have to treat him SushiTei or Poke Sushi at my birthday)
These shoes really make my day brighter! hehehe, as you know, wednesday and thursday i had overtime and went home at 11.30pm, and today i went to office again to do some works again! huaaah.... -.-'
But thanks to God, it is finally over! and it was kinda interesting sumhow.. new experience! ^^v
and it is really true when we do sumthing with happy feeling, we wont feel any pressure at all... happy to work!

Award From Della...

♥ Begin Copy ♥

Award Meaning:
Tutorit Friendship is an award that we give for blog that you think really inspire you and really friendly

Homework to Special Friends :

1. Make a posting about this award : thanks to Della who gave it.
2. Mention who give you this award
3. Gift this award to your bestfriend
4. go to their blog and tell them you have award for them.
5. Do the same thing like who gave you this award.
6. copy and paste from "Begin Copy" until "End Copy" at your own blog

I want to give this award to :

Cindy, Yoan, JU, Christa, n Nessia... ( but no one has blog.. huhu... )

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kiyadon&Indochine, FX

Wow! i love today sooo much! even though i was lil' bit upset in the morning, but the rest of the day is awesome! we went to FX today, and went to Indochine and Kiyadon. First we ate at Kiyadon.. I like salmon sushi in Kiyadon, the mayonaise is also better than in Sushi Tei. But the price is more expensive (of course, with that kind of place! lol). and the menu of the sushi in Kiyadon is fewer than in Sushi Tei. But overall, i love eating and taking pictures here! ^^v

-at Kiyadon, FX.. you could see ABDA building (my office) behind me-

-view of Kiyadon : glamour design!-

-plater A @ 57 idr : delicious! yummy!-

-karage @29 idr : sooo many oil!-

-lucu liat foto Arman n Nessia ini-

These are photos at Indochine! i loveeee the view sooo much! especially the outdoor with pool view... hehehe. But at night, it becomes club or bar.. hehehe.. I still recommend the outdoor restaurant (closed at Monday).. NICE!

-fall in love with the chandelier-

-me and ness at the toilet. hihi-

@outdoor... : VERY NICE!!! i wanna go there again at night!

-from indoor... dari sini keliatan gedung abda lagi lhooo.. hahhaa-

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Korean Food

So here is the story. . . Yesterday i went to Grand Indonesia *again*.. hahahha.
Yep! we try this korean restaurant, Han Gang or sumting... the place was so crowded.. i wonder why many kinds of that expensive restaurants are so crowded? hmmmm.. especially social house .. is the food so delicious? or because anything else?
Soooo... back to our main topic... this korean restaurant has a promotion (maybe that's the one that make people come.. hmmmm). yeah! with mega credit card, we could get 50% off *food only*.. and with uob 20% off *all items*
i ordered bibimbab or sumting like that.. forget the name actually.. hahhaaha...

-korean food.. taste : not so good-

-when east meets west : ketan item ama eskrim vanila-

-ketemu lopi di gi.. akhirnya tightsnya dikasih juga yah.. ^^-

-ketemu cindy juga... (gak maw diskriminasi katanyaa.) hahahha-