Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Internal Audit, COSO, and COBIT

Well,, if u are accounting student, u must know the meaning of my title. hahaha, hope it wont remind u of ur nightmare! lols. And for u who don't know the meaning, well,,, just dont think about it! ahhaha. Actually they are from my Internal Audit class. Our group had presentation bout it, and it was not very good. =(

Well, recently i like to visit chictopia.com... haha, try to visit it sumtimes if u really like fashion and want to see people's style from round the world or want to show ur style.

I'm really surprised to see lots of fashionable people. YEP! they are pretty, young, and fabulous! wish i could be like one of them. hahaha...

I have account at there, still using my nick name ye55i... I just build that account yesterday, and still learning. Anyway, u can visit my account here.

And these are some of my picts today! This shirt is my fave becoz it is so comfy even in the hotest day. Anddd.. This shirt is also what I wore at today presentation, but I wore it with jeans, not dress like this one below. ^^

-Invio plaid shirt, unbranded white dress, Zara bag, Charles&Keith flats-

- My lovely Swatch from my brother -

- tied it! -

Monday, September 28, 2009

Like Them but Rarely Wear Them... xD

Well, i like those three pairs of shoes, but i rarely wear them... just once... or twice... T.T
why? well... ahhaha, i don't know! Maybe bcoz they are still new *less than 2 months* and I don't feel like wearing them to everywhere. But I like to have them. And there are still lots of others... isn't it an addiction? xD

- Charles&Keith ankle boots, Charles&Keith brown shoes, Zara fringe heels -

- one side of my wardrobe.. so messy.. T.T -

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Voize for Karaoke

Well, I had a small reunite with some old pals this day... Happy Puppy is so expensive! i dont know whether it's promotion or not, bcoz' promotion is supposed to give us more benefits n I dont see any benefits! hmm.. Yep! if we want to sing for min 2 hours, we have to pay 10,000idr every person to get the buffet (not included drink). And still we have to buy any drink...! I calculated it, and for 2 hours we have to pay for 43,000 idr each person (7 of us)!! And if we want to sing for 1 hour, we have to buy any drink and FOOD! u have to know that the price of the beverage in such place is irrelevant for me. eerrr...

So we decided to move to another place. And one of my friends suggested 'VOIZE'! In fact it is cheap but the place is good. There is a toilet also in every room. But, the sound system is not as good as Happy Puppy. hehe, I think there are echoes if we sing.. And there is no mouse, so we have to operate with keyboard only. Also the choices of the songs arent very completed. Hehe, that's when price DOES matter! We paid for @12,500 idr for 2 hours and 10 minutes. We dont have to buy any drink or food. And also they gave us a voucher of free one hour for our next visit! WOW! xD

- some pictures there -

Family Karaoke
Jln. Boulevard Raya Timur Blok NB1 No. 46 - 47
Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What U're Lookin For Has Been Here the Whole Time

I like Taylor Swift's song : You Belong With Me... The lyrics r great, i think.. & good song too. And look what belong with me : ^^
- Red Herring Flats that I want! ^^ -

- Shoe Love is True Love! ^^ -

YEP! finally bought them ... hahha, thx to Christa and her sista who want to buy another one. Surprisingly, there are lots of good and affordable shoes at Debenhams. AND the discount is great too! love many dresses there... ^^
If u bought sumting at Debenhams, u will get vouchers of ColdStone and Debenhams... Great Deal!

Btw, for BCA cardholders, there is a greater deal if u purchase min 100,000idr at ColdStone : DISCOUNT 50%!!! ^^
Yep! so i bought the take away... I fall in love with this greentea flavour becoz of my friend, Angel, and Green Tea Ice at Rakuzen. heheh.. Enjoy, People!

- Take Away for 42,5k idr (after 50% discount) -

- Green Tea with almond, White&Choco Chips -

Notes : I will post about ANTARA DSC soon! hahhaa, got lots of funny picts. =p

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Girls Day Out

Today i went to MKG again to watch The Proposal *again* with Nessia and Della... ^^ still enjoying the movie, i guess.. hehehe..

Then we ate frozen yogurt at Heavenly Blush. Well, actually i prefer HB than SS... The combo one was so tempting! please enjoy... T.T


- U'd better buy the combo one : the topping is more than the usual one -

- Dell and Me -

- Me and Ness -

And.. after that, we went to Zara and Pull&Bear.. Huaaaa... I like so many things there! I like Pull&Bear that nearly make me bankrupt but luckily it hasn't *yet*! xD

Then,, I went to Pluit, eating seafood there... Huah, I love today! we should do this more often! hahaha... ^^

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rakuzen, Pacific Place

Yesterday, i went to Rakuzen at Pacific Place. As one of the partner and one manager in my office will resign, a farewell party was held there! But we named it breaking the fasting... hehe, i like it as long as i was treated. ^^

My first impression for Rakuzen is fancy restaurant! yup! Entering the resto made me feel like that! becoz the entrance is somewhat like lofty. And all the waitress will greet us, everytime they see us. *phew* But overall, i like the food here, great taste, but the price is expensive, just like the first impression of mine. =p

Well, as always, pictures do talk more than words :

- Rakuzen, Pacific Place : unique place, but kindda simple sumhow -

- The Bar -

- We use the private room for 10 people, but if u want to get this room, u have to spend min. 1,5 million idr.. if not, u have to pay the charge for 100k idr -

- Some of the drink list... i prefer ocha for free ^^ -

- complimentary as the appetizer -

- One of the package for 88k, but the salmon sashimi is smaller and the package could not be joined with BNI promo -

- this is complimentary (together with miso soup) if u buy a package, but i dont like it, so just to watch, not eat! =p -

- the udon : quite good -

- unagi + rice for 110k. But unagi is always delicious! -

- They said it was like crispy roll at Sushitei, but i thought it was more spicy... better at Sushitei! -

- That baked salmon outside and mushrooms inside : I LIKE IT! ^^ -

- Those unagi ... YUMMY! ^^ like it too! -

- This mixture of satay is 75k. I only like the chicken and especially the scallop. Better to buy only the scallop ( 2 for 35k) -

- Salmon Sashimi @68k ,,, quite small i think -

- the classic california maki -

- strawberry + ogura + egg -

- Green Tea Ice : I LIKE IT SOOO MUCH -

- Sumhow it's a great place! eventhough i dont like the price... tengyuuuu ... will miss this kind of moment so much! ^^ -

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LaPiazza To PIM

Today la piazza student went to PIM. hehehe...Sorry, i just put pictures... =p

- take a picture! ^^ -

- That trophy is ours now! xD -

- Eight of us who went to WS PIM -

Do I look skinnier?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pokusers @ PI

Today pokusers (called for girls who lived at Pokus Kost) went to PI. hehe, actually we celebrated Ju's bday! hahaha... kindda late huh? but, it's okay! ^^

We rarely do this (it's hard to gather everyone around)... but I love it so much! I love Sunday! esp if hang around with you, Girls! hahhaa.. ^^

So, what were we doing???

1. Eating at Sushi Tei!!! ^^v
- eating sushi!-

- Dont see their bodies, they ate a lot! ahahhaha trust me! ^^ -

2. Shopping *again*

- Ju's dress is better than the one that she wants to buy ^^ -

- Fall in LOVE *again* with these shocking pink heels! -

3. Going To Bookstore
- if the price were more reasonable! huah... -

- Fashion Books... wanna some? =) -

4. Taking photos at Axioo ( I want my wedding *someday* use this one! ^^ so creative i could say...)
- two charles and keith! ^^ -

- cute ^^ -

- unique yet adorable! -

- so sorry i cover both of u guys! =p -

- cindy and the mailbox -

- minus Christa that went home earlier -

- wearing : zara dress, unbranded jeans shirt, cnk Bag and Shoes -

5. Eating Sour Sally! hahaha...
- always love pink mochi and longan! yummy! -

6. Driving to home...
- crazy little things called shoes! -

- souvenirs from PI ^^ -

love u guys, xoxo