Friday, October 23, 2009

A smile is always in Style! ^^

Hello! It's been a long time since my last post. hehehe, well I'm so busy recently, dealing with my mid-term exam, my final report, and the bla. =.=a huaahhh.. feels like i need more time to relax and have funs! wanna go to GI, anyone? =p

These pictures below are tribute for my friend. Love this pink top,,, I do love pink color. Anddd... a smile is always in style, right? Girls are more beautiful if they smile. that's why i love to smile! hehe,, keep smiling! =D

-GAP pink top, Yuan zebra skirt, C&K boots, Miss Selfridges pink clutch-

Friday, October 16, 2009

Brown Polka

Heh.. As I said in my chictopia, I don't like vintage so much, esp the brown color. But this dress has been in my closet for 1 year, and I've never worn this. Heeeeh.. kindda funny right, because it's me who bought it! xD

So, this is my experiment : hahaha.. (the brown shoes has been worn for just 1 time too! heeeh.. T.T)

-Bloop Endorse blazer&dress, Charles&Keith Shoes-

Today I am so tired! I went to my campus only to see a short presentation... And then I went to Wall Street... little reunion there! hehe,, miss my old friends so much! and.. they've grown up... (only 1 year older), but they are starting to talk and ask me bout the best college... hehe, i said UI, esp the accounting major!!!! xD hahaha... Have a good day everyone! ^^v

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Brother's Shirt

This shirt has been in my brother's closet for 6 years I guess... I picked it for him when I was in high school. And,, since he's in Singapore now, the shirt has been left in home. And now I experience with it. what do you think? =p

-126 shirt, zara chain top, unknown belt, zara fringe shoes-

I am so busy recently so I don't have so much time. huhu. Next week, I have to do my mid-term exam. Internal audit really makes me crazy! and I have to finish my third chapter of intern report. huhu, but I am still so lazy, just blogwalking and chatting. Have to boost up my spirit! ;p

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Apartment

Today I went to 'The Apartment'.. It's at Menara Gracia, H. R. Rasuna Said, in front of Setiabudi Building... Well, this cafe is so unique if I could say. It really represents the name : the apartment. Yeah, it is really nice apartment! It has living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

I think they have unique and nice concept! The waiter and waitress wear a kind of uniform like pajamas! yep! funny, isn't it? =p The menu is like newspaper, and the bill is like a mail! Hahaha, so cuteeeee!!! ^^

-The menu and the bill : so cute, right?-

-The newspaper menu : 'amazing' price! =p -

Well, I can find lots of good spots to take pictures! So happy!! ^^v From all of the rooms, I can say that the bathroom is the most unique! There are bathcup and shower there, plus bathroom things! The kitchen is so breathtaking. I wish I had a kitchen like that! ahhaha. The library is so perfect for you who like to read. There are lots of books there, and u can borrow them! =p If u ask me where is the most comfy and cozy place, it is the living room! I could say like that because there are comfy sofas, television, and more private. It is the best place if you come there to drink only (the table is too low for eating). And you can really explore all the rooms there, and take picture without being shame. Everybody does that! =p

-the bar-

-The library : Wish I had this kind of bookshelf-

-The living room : so cozy, right?-

-Me and Ness at the Living Room :like it!-

-The bathroom-

-Do you want to take a bath? ^^-

-Kitchen! breathtaking, right?-

-Still in kitchen area-

-Outdoor : too windy =p-

How about the food and drink? Well, if u ask me bout the food, I dont know bcoz i didn't eat anything at there. Everything is so expensive! haha, the lasagna, if I can remember, is about 88k idr -not included tax 10%+10%-. So, maybe if you want to eat there, you have to pay for about 120,000++ idr. SO, my friends and I decided to buy the MOCKTAIL. hahaha, so all pictures below are the moctails from the Apartment. Which one is the best? Probably MINE : Moonglow! hahaha, if u like sweet of course! if you like the sour one, try Fillalatella, but the glass is quite small. The moctail costs me 48,200 idr *after tax and the bla*

-My mocktail : Moonglow! like strawberry cake.. sweet and I love it!-

-Nessia's drink : Fruitytail-

-Tink2's drink : Fillalatella, the sour one-

-Vicky's drink : Apartment Punch-

Edufair @ Sanur

Hahaha, okay it seems like I am not appropriate enough to come to a high-school edufair, but yes! I came! =p

It's just like a reunion to me... bringing back those memories when I was still in high-school (4 years ago? T.T) but I DEFINITELY MISS IT!!! huhuhuhu...

My school, St. Ursula (Sanur) hasn't changed so much. Still with the same painting *green one*, still with the old building, still the same teachers, and still so memorable for me!! T.T

So here it goes the edufair... Two thumbs up for Sanurians! *as always* hehe.. I like the theme : like at airport... Yeah I think the theme is like boarding the high-school students to college. ^^

Here some pictures at Sanur and.. cathedral! =p

Starting here... those books are so heavy! T.T

@ the Edufair! *with pretty flying attendance! =p

So lovely, right? ^^

mirror room in the middle of the park! ahahha..

Nice atmosphere! ^^

@ cathedral


*cathedral! just edited this one ^^*

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lace and Floral

Today is so hot... so I really want to wear some tank tops and floral skirt! is it weird? hehe,,, I don't like the pattern of the skirt actually, but it has unique design and also it is just only 75,000! =.=a

Btw. I hate it when my BB doesnt work properly. The push email has an error. Uggh, maybe because i turned my gprs yesterday. huhuu.. Have to bring it to XL center.

-Zara Lace Top, D'bute Floral Skirt, Charles&Keith Shoes, Unknown Bangles-

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Skin Food

Okay, I am not a beauty-addict person. I rarely nourish my skin or hair because of my laziness... And rarely use make-up, because I have a very sensitive skin.

But here come my lovely beauty products... ^^v Actually my big brother who bought me these things, when he was in Korea. Yeah, Skin Food (SF) is from Korea and it is a good beauty product. Well, as I can see, my brother's skin becomes much more flawless because of that. *hehe*

As I know, there are lots of Skin Food stores in Jakarta : Senayan City, Ex, TA, MKG, and.... any idea where it is? =p

Well, according to my brother... the rice mask is one of the popular products in SF. I try it sometimes, and... yeah.. I like it! I think my skin is brighter and more soft. =p I like the Vit C products too, orange scent is great! ^^

And one thing that I like bout SF is that they give lots of free samples! At least I can try some of the product first at home. I know that the shampoo is not suitable for my hair. I know I like the fresh celery soft foam. And also like the Vit C from these samples.

In my opinion : try some beauty products from SF, but not the make up. hahaha, I dont know, but I believe in specialization and just the beauty products for me, i guess. ^^

-Some of my Skin Food products-

-free sample-

-Like this perfume, but rarely use this coz' the scent reminds me of something =( -

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Yesterday I went to Portobello with my friends. It was a small reunion with my high school friends. Portobello is at Twin Plaza 2, one complex with Intercontinental Hotel...

The place is really comfy for chat, a typical kind of lounge and bar. I didn't taste the food, because I was full at that time. I was so tired too, so I didn't have a good mood to enjoy or taste something unique there. According to my friends, the food is not very good... Maybe it's because Portobello is a place for drink or chat only.. And I dont like the waitress who always come to ask whether we want to order more or not. My friend's drink was taken by the waitress, even she hadn't finished it. kindda inappropriate I think. =.=

Well, for me.. So sorry, but I wont come to here again, except someone invite me... But, nice atmosphere! ^^

-The bar-

-comfy sofas with short table-

-Ju's pasta-

-Angel's Whisper, JU said : not good!-

-Me and Ju@ the toilet-


Isn't it NICE?

This picture was taken by my friend, Ronald. One of good photographers! Next photos will coming up soon! ^^

- isn't it NICE? -