Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seven Pink Stuffs

Fika tagged me in her post : Pinky in my room!!
Huaaa.. thanks for tagging me in your post, Fika!
So here is the rule, I have to post seven pink stuffs in my room. Well, Actually I am a pink-holic.. hehe, have lots of pink stuffs in my room. So here we go :

1. My pink curtain

2. My lovely pigs and bear.. The big pig is Babita.. it is named by one of my friend, Yoan. ^^

3. Pink jewelry box... My friend -JU- who gave me this box at my 16th bday... ^^

4. Pink Blanket.. I can't sleep without blanket, even when I was still in my kost where there was no AC.

5. Photo Frame of me, my mom, and my brother... ^^

6. Shopaholic book... Hahaha, I love the pink cover.. and yes, I love the book too. =)

7. Random pink things... Have so many pink things so here are some of them.. ^^

And now, 7 girls that I tag :
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Have funs, girls! anddd.. gonna hurry up, my bf is waiting for me to watching New Moon at Ex! have a nice weekend! =)

I love Laces

-Cocopink white laces overall, F21 gold necklace, C&K shoes-

Monday, November 16, 2009


Hey, I haven't opened my blog for quite a long time, and I've just been aware that I got an award from Indah.
Thank you so much, Dear! ^^v

Well to accept the award, Indah did these things :
- Thank the person who nominated you for this award
- Copy the logo and place it on your blog
- Link to the person who nominated you for this award
- Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting
- Nominate 7 kreative Bloggers and tell about it on their blog

And these are 7 things about myself.. hope u find it interesting... ^^

1. I eat at Sushi Tei every week. hahaha, I know it seems like I am addicted to it very much, but YES! I really love sushi so much! And lately i love this
mabo tofu udon so much... My bf loves it so much too. So we always eat it everytime we go there. You should try it sometimes! =)

2. My handphone is always silent! hahaha, that's quite funny right? but I dont like the sound of it... so I just make it vibrate... mind me if i dont pick my phone up! =)

3. Actually I am not a confident person.. Lots of smile and laugh make my nervous go down... So in presentation, I often smile a lot, because i am so nervous at that time! ^^

4. Love to play Role-Playing Games (RPG), especially Final Fantasy and Suikoden. Yep! when I was at elementery school until high school, I played playstation a lot. kindda addicted to it too. Maybe because of my brothers and.. I love the story as well. hahaha, but most of my friends are surprised when they know I like to play RPG. =p

5. I like to wear black or gray clothes instead of colorful ones. I don't know but, I love to buy black or gray outfit, from clothes to shoes or bag... It makes me feel better wearing them. hmmm... Do you like it too? =)

6. I eat every time I am hungry. Well in this case, I can eat five times in a day, or I can eat one time a day. It really depends on my mood. However, my weight is still the same since I was 15 years old, which is 45-46 kg, no matter how much I eat. =.='

7. Surprisingly falling in love with my boyfriend who is 11 years older than me. hahaha. But never thought that he was too old for me. I guess .. I just don't care bout that. =p

FIuuuuh... finally... *it's kindda hard to think bout these seven things... hahaha. And now I am about giving my award to 7 Kreative bloggers :

1. Vivacious Yet Tremendous Life
2. Fashion isn't about Labels
3. Last Farewell
4. My Life would stuck without Fashion
5. Addicted
6. Huelicious
7. Tabitha

Thanks all! ^^

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shabu Tei

At Saturday, I went to Shabu Tei, MKG3 with my UI friends... Hehehe, I love Japanese food! yippie! ^^

Well, to be honest, the taste of Shabu Tei is not bad, but the price is rather expensive. We got 30% dicount bcoz of the Mandiri card, but still I spend quite lots. hahahaha. Well, I think maybe that's normal price for shabu-shabu restaurant, it's okay for eating there ocasionally. The shabu-shabu is good.. but i dont like the sushi there. hahaha.

I tried one set menu, called Osaka. It's quite big, but as I said before...The taste of the food is quite good, but the sushi is very bad. hahahaha. Maybe it's better for you to just try the shabu-shabu, instead of the sushi or the other menu. ^^

-my set menu : osaka-

-crispy dragon roll-

-ingredient for shabu-shabu-

-bff : best friend forever-

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little Bit of Halloween

Hahaha. I know Halloween is over... But still,,, I was a little bit surprised today when I saw my friend's pictures! Hahaha, he became a 'pocong' and really a scary one indeed... Don't u all agree with me? It was Halloween party for Wall Street student at Indochine. I didn't come to it because I was too lazy to attend a costume party. hahaha. But, I think they had lots of fun there! hahaha. It's too pity that Arman came late and didn't win the best costume. I guess he could win it and get a netbook! hahaha. How bout u guys? Did u enjoy ur Halloween? =D

I took these pictures from his fb:

This was the picture from Halloween last year at Wall Street. I think this Halloween is better than last year. ^^
-became a witch-