Wednesday, December 30, 2009

500 Days

I watched 500 Days of Summer yesterday. A good movie, I could say... And I love Zooey! She looks so cute. ^^ But well, the movie is not a love story, but it is a story about love. hahaha. Well, I just don't like the ending.. But Summer (Zooey) talked about coincidences at the end of the movie. Somehow, I often think about what she said before. How about if I were't late for the encounter... How about if I didn't come to Walll Street that day.. How about if I went home earlier... The answer is : I wouldn't know my bf! Yes, maybe that's fate. But somehow, just believe that fate is in our hands. Try to reach what you've been dreaming for! =)

-Zara blouse, Dolcevita skirt, Belle shoes, Forever 21 necklace-

-My new shoes-

-500 Days of Summer : good movie to watch-

And by the way, I received the Haute Mess award from Fika-Sweet Escape and Echa-Hei Echa! last week. I know this is quite late, but I didn't have much time last week. Fika wrote about her 7 things that she always wears on her daily life, while Echa wrote about 7 facts of him randomly. I'm going to write about 7 things I like to eat. hahhaa.

7 Things that I like to eat :
1. Green Tea Ice-Cream. I don't know why I am addicted to this flavour. I like the green tea ice cream from Cold Stone, mixed with almond. And, I like the matcha (the green tea ice) too in Japanesse restaurant. =p

2. Baby Octopus from Sushi Tei. It is called chuka iidako if I am not wrong.. Hehehe, I like the taste of the sauce.

3. Strawberry Cheese Cake. Love it! =D

4. Castengel. Catengel reminds me of Christmas. I like it because it is salty... I like the cheese also. huaaaa.. T.Tv

5. Frozen Yogurt. Well most of people like it. I love the plain one or the lychee flavour. Love to mix it with longan, mochi, and almond. Yummy! ^^

6. Italian Food. Love any pasta or pizza... Especially with lots of cheese! Pepenero is good Italian restaurant, but Pizza hut is okay for me. =)

7. Indomie Goreng. Hahaha, I know it's kindda weird. But this instant noodle is one of my favourite! At the middle of the night, I usually get so hungry, and instant noodle is the key anwer for it! =p

Happy holidays, everyone! Hope you enjoy it! =)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays! =)

I know this is quite late.. But it's better late than not at all,,, sooo : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010, guys! Happy Holidays! =)

That picture was taken by my friend, Robin at my bday party. Just love the expression of my friends.. hahaha.. Hope you enjoy your holidays... And so do I! hehehe. ^^v

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hachi Hachi Bistro

How do you like fusion sushi? If you like it so bad, you should try Hachi Hachi Bistro at Mall Taman Anggrek. The portion is quite big, with nice price... And if you like mayonaisse or chili sauce, you will love the fusion sushi here. The best sushi I've tried here is Black Dragon Roll, but the unagi is great also, even though I don't know the name. However, the place is quite small, and there is no sushi bar here. If you like sashimi, I think you shouldn't go here. And also, the ocha is not free and non refillable. But, overall i love the sushi here! =)

-The Black Dragon Roll-

-Unagi lover?-

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Calendar

For boosting our X'mas spirit, I made this calendar full of christmas things... Enjoy! =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gold Buttons

-Gold Buttons Jacket : Kochi Shop-

Finally my exam is over! YIPIEE!! hehe, actually it was over at Tuesday.. but yesterday I was so busy to visit my former office in order to get my internship score from my former boss. Hehe, missing the old days when we were still in the office and just sleeping, eating, gossiping, downloading, and playing! hahaa, so surprising right? I miss my internship.. but now the office is much more crowded. hehe, to think that the company is being more profitable and growing.

My lesson at Wall Street was over too. Yesterday was my last encounter. I am officially out of wall street right now. haha, but still.. why do all my friends (esp my UI friends) think I am a WS girl? >.< I am so embarrased when I look my video at WS's mini center at MKG. huhuhu.. I am so fat in the video. Plizzz don't remind me about that video.. T.Tv

Btw, mention about the picture.. I -exactly my bf- bought the jacket one month ago.. but I haven't worn it yet.. hehe. At that time, I was so confused to buy it or not.. I love the shoulder pads and the gold buttons, but when should I wear it... buy it or not.. buy it or not.. hahahaha.Okay! Will wear it soon! promise! ^^v

ANd.. christmas is near, guys! I love December so much, even though the month reminds me of final exam or deadline of my final report. But the bad things (exams and the final report) have passed, so let the good things come! wanna go shopping and hanging around the city. Currently, I am looking for nice pair of jeans. Any suggestions? =)

Happy long week end, everyone! hope you are fine and happy as always! ^^

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Black Laces to My Final Paper

Finally I've made it! I submitted my final paper : Analysis of Prospective Financial Statement in Life Insurance Company... =p

Hehe, to think about the title of my paper, it sounds so crazy but actually I made it quite simple somehow,, even there are lots of efforts in it! Well, at least I've finished one of my assignments, ready for the next : final exam! @.@

Now to celebrate it,, wearing a black laces top! =)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little Bit of Christmas

Being so busy lately... I promise to be active blogger again after my final exam which is a week later. Wish me luck, I gues.. Thanks for reading and visiting my blog. These photos were taken yesterday at Four Seasons Hotel. Always love X'mas Things.. ^^