Sunday, December 19, 2010

Polka and Dots

Christmas is near, but I hardly can feel the spirit! Here comes my favorite white chiffon shirt with a bow tie. The polka dots give some holidays and vacation feel. Yes, I am in a mood of a vacation. It would be great if I could go to the beach and enjoy the cool wind or the sea. I wish... I don't have any holidays, except 24th which is company's holiday. Lucky you who have lots of holidays! Cheers!! =D

- Favorite Shirt : Zara; Polka Shorts : Sash-

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Riverside Hotel

As I promised, here are the other photos from my trip in HoChiMinh. We stayed at Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon. As its name, the hotel is at the riverside, and I could see the beautiful night view of the city and Mekong River from my room.

-At the Hotel's lounge-

-It is the view of HoChiMinh City at night-

-As I could see the river at the right ^^ -

-Bokeh from my room-

One thing that I can't forget about Vietnam is the food. Okay, to be honest, I don't like the food too much. Hahaha, too much raw vegetables, and too much spring rolls and noodle (pho) . But I enjoyed my time at Hard Rock Ho Chi Minh. We went there twice actually. I like the sirloin steak there, the best food I ate during my trip maybe. Hahahahaha.

-Spring roll and lots of veggie... Hahaha-
-@Hard Rock Cafe-
-At Hard Rock Cafe, I like the lightining-

-In front of Hard Rock Cafe-
Have a nice Day ^^

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Night Walk at Ho Chi Minh

Hello again, Jakarta! I've just come back from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I've gone there for 6 days. and it was such a great trip. I called this night walk, because we only had time at the evening or night. But I quite enjoyed this trip because I could meet lots of friends and had a pleasant time with my friends.

I am sharing you some of these pictures from Ho Chi Minh. And I am going to upload more... ^^v

-There are lots of great architectures in HCM, especially the old ones-

-Near Tux Market-

-There is MOF that much cheaper in there-

-The Vinasun Taxi-

-Benthan Night Market-

-She is a very cute Vietnamese girl who sold fans and postcards at the night market. She is such a great seller. My friend said bye2 to her but she said "I don't need bye bye, I need you to buy" lols-

-Vietnam House : quite a good resto-

-In front of the cathedral-

-Near Diamond Plaza-

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feeling Lazy These Days =.=

Hello!! Long time no blogging.. I changed my blog layout, kindda boring with the old one, and I was too confused with lots of design so I decided to use the simple one. I will make the header and put something to spice up the blog later. If you want to give your blog link, you are welcome too (I lost the old ones) ^^v

These pictures were taken a month ago. I went to 99 with my high school friends. I love the restaurant, the food is delicious, quite pricey, but it is worthy enough. You should try the pasta or the chicken. No wonder the resto is always crowded every time I go there.

-Ninety Nine -

-Just a random picture, the ambiance inside is quite dark as you can see-

-Close Up picture... I rarely use make up as you can see-

-The food is great-

-The ice chocolate is too sweet for me somehow -

-Great Pasta! Yummy ~ ^^ -

-My Favorite Photo, she is surely very photogenic ^^ -

-I like to use those sandals to the office when I am feeling lazy ;p -

Life is becoming challenging recently. My job demands me to improve myself while I am still trying to adapt with the new environment. I think I just have to break the ice and push myself beyond the line. The good news : I am going to Vietnam next week for the new hires program. I am so excited! Thanks to the company. Teeheee... Nice weekend, guys! ^^

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Love Weekend, Who Doesn't?

-Pastis, Kuningan Suites-
-Ice Lemon Tea; Seafood Bolognaise (65k); Chocolate Melt (45k); Hainam Rice;-I love the white ambiance here-

-Love this cute little gold ring-

-Blazer : Zara, Bag : Mango, Shoes : Pedro, Shorts : Sash

I always love weekend, who doesn't? Hahaha, it is great to have holidays after some hectic or frustrating weekdays. Everyone needs a holiday. =)

So this weekend I visited Pastis, such a lovely restaurant, though I didn't like the food so much. About my outfit, I do like the dark blue color recently, the blazer and the shoes are the examples. I'm feeling bored with the black and gray colors and this dark blue color came up during the summer and it matches with lots of colors. Blue with white, blue with red, blue with pink, etc. Have a nice weekend, guys!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poste 28/08/10

Yesterday my friends and I went to Poste, East Building Mega Kuningan. It was such a lazy day, no high heels and no dress. I wear high heels on weekdays, and on weekend I am surely not going to wear them again. Lately I'm into these pants that I bought from Zara. The material is so soft and comfy. And I like the cutting and the color too. Have a nice weekend! ^^

-Love this picture-

-Wearing: Zara cardigan & pants; unbranded bag; Charles&Keith sandals-

-All the girls-

-Using my friend's 24-70mm lens. The pictures are greats with it, but it's 3 kg... more heavy than the camera itself-

-Random pictures at Poste-

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beautiful, Bright, and Sunny Day

Some pictures at ShangriLa hotel... Another beautiful, bright, and sunny day! =D

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hall of Records

This post continues my previous post... This is not a wedding reception, but it is my company year end party (the year not ends in December, but in June instead). It was at ShangriLa hotel, a fine dinning with red carpet style for the DC. And I was into a red dress at that time. =D

-This is the Hall of Records-

-The Food though I didn't take the dessert picture-

-some random pictures-