Friday, January 15, 2010


Yup! Finally I am graduated from UI! Hehehe. ^^v

Sorry for the lack post, I have to deal with the graduation things that keep me busy lately. But I am so glad that I could pass through these years, 3 and a half year exactly! It's just like yesterday when the first time I entered UI and now I have to say goodbye. :'(

-Will be missing all of you and the atmosphere here!-

Thank you for all your support, guys! You guys are so nice to me,,, I am so flattered to read all those nice comments from you. really mean a lot for me. Hope you have a nice day! =)


  1. congrats ci, cheers to you

    tattoo freak

  2. nice too meet you too!
    congrats for your graduation yah!!

  3. oh wow!! congratulations!!!! hopefully, im gonna see more posts from you!! i missed you! glad to know that everything went well! :D

  4. congrats for u ci yessi!!! i'm so happy for u! :DD

  5. yessi..selamaaaaat yaaa!!! hebat euy bisa lulus 3,5 tahun...hihi

    welcome to the real world then!! tp kyknya siy buat anak sarjana ekonomi dr UI gampang dpt kerjanya..hoho

  6. thanks for that lovely comments...same here I've link you already,


    keep safe...

  7. congratulations for your graduation...

  8. aww..finally you did it! congratz ya yess. im happy to you! :))

  9. Congraats!! My sis just graduated too haha.

  10. Congratulations Yessssssss!!! How come there arent any pics with you getting dunked in the makara??? I posted like 40 pics on my blog. LOL! :)

  11. congratulations :) need more information about UI, im thinking to enter UI ;P;P How's UI?

  12. congratulations love !!
    I have a friend in UI already :D

    thanks for the wonderful comments dear..
    visit, comment , follow me at .

  13. Hey, thank you for everyone! really appreciate it.. ^^

    @ iNtan : hehehe, tu karena gw dah kabur duluan sebelum diceburin ke makara, jd gak ada foto2nya dhe. gw shok sih tan! soalnya dosen2 gw jahat2, gw dibantai abiz2an, jd gak ada rasa seneng. tapi liat2 tnyata dpt A! fiuh.. =.=' THanks God!

    @ Shirley : hehehe, ayo masuk ui! I've already given u some information bout ui in your blog, dear. ^^

  14. congrats!!! i really wish i can continue my study there at UI :) new post on my blog btw, check and comment :) thankiesss


  15. congratss yessi :D
    glad to hear that,
    wwoohoooo :)
    anyway thank u for link me back

    kiss kiss arin :)

  16. Yes UI is the best uni in indo I think :) Currently in 11th grade, my parents told me that I have to look for university from now on, I'd love to study abroad but I'd love to enter UI. How's the people around you? I'm interested in economics or accounting :P

  17. cc, congratz yah!! jgn lupa makan2nya... hahahaha..