Monday, January 25, 2010

Kebaya Day

Last Saturday was my graduation day at FE UI. It was only for Economic Students. SO happy that finally we could graduate. And as you can see, all the girls are wearing kebaya. And they are also very pretty indeed. Too bad I didn't do anything for my hair and make-up, because in the morning I had to do an interview at PwC. After all, I think wearing our traditional clothes is awesome too! All my friends look fabulous, right? Don't we just love our culture? ^^

And by the way, I've got awards from Echa and Caroline. Thank youuuuu so much, guys! ^^

The first one from Echa - Hei Echa. It is 101 Award... So I have to post 10 things that make me happy.. Hmmm... They are :
1. My lovely boyfriend who is very kind and patience to me. hehehe. ;p
2. Shopping - I think it's become a habit. =.='
3. Eating Sushi, especially at SushiTei. hehehe.
4. Taking lots of pictures, especially taking candid pictures of my friends. hihihi, sorry guys! ^^v
5. Watching funny movies
6. Karaoke-ing
7. Holidays! hehehe,,, everyone likes it, right? =p
8. Chatting with friends, talking anything..
9. Having a good score... sometimes A can come in a surprise! =p
10. Getting a job! ahhaha, I am jobless right now, so I desperately need a job. @.@

The second one is from Caroline - Castor Pollux... Thank you, sweetie.. ^^
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  1. congratulations dearr!! love Indonesia cultures! :D

  2. wow love your kebaya, and the photo.. cool!

  3. cute kebaya!
    btw, congrats for your graduation! :)

  4. whaaaa..kamu interview buat pwc??trs gmnaa?good luck yaa yes!!

  5. congrats again and again! :D

    your outfits are so gorgeous!! :D love the rich patterns on your skirts! :D

  6. @ Alviana : THank you! yes, love our cultures! =)

    @ Echa : Thank you so much! ^^

    @ Dela : Thank you, dear..

    @ Fika : Thank youuu.. iya ni kemaren interview di pwc. pertama kalinya interview kerja, jd deg2an n takutt juga. akhir2 keknya jawabnya gak maksimal. :'( mudah2an dapet dhe, abiz gak tau lagi mau kerja di mana selain di situ. hehehe.

    @ libys11 : Thank you so much!! =D That skirt is called batik. ^^