Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pizza Bar and Warung Pasta

Last Sunday, I ate at Pizza Bar, GI. Talking about it, it reminds me about Warung Pasta where I ate few weeks ago. Well, of course both of them are different, because Warung Pasta is at Kemang (the plaze is more cozy), while Pizza Bar is at food court of GI (so crowed and you know the atmosphere of it). But, they have the same segmen for Italian food and quite cheap pizza and pasta.

I think Pizza Bar is cheaper than Warung Pasta, but the taste of the food is standard - not too good, not too bad. The pizza is small, so is the pasta. But, they give lots of offering, like package of fettucine carbonara + bolognaise pizza + ice tea (like the pict below). Also, if you spend more than 50,000 idr, they will give you free ice cream (strawberry or chocolate) with few toppings. And for the last, you can refill your ice tea.

-Some picts from Pizza Bar-

I love Warung Pasta at Kemang. And it is more famous, I think... The place is more cozy and there is wifi too. There are lots of choice of the pasta and unique one. There is banana and chocolate pizza, for example. But as you can guess, the portion is quite small also, balancing their price with the size. But I think you should try the pizza, I like it somehow. However, I think the taste of the food is quite plain. Well, I don't like salty food so much, but why I find the food there quite plain. Overall, i think it's a great place to eat but the choice is yours! Happy eating! =)

-Some picts from Warung Pasta-


  1. that pasta looks so yummy!! you're making me hungry!!!!

  2. pizza bar dimana sih ?
    and i love warung pasta too :D
    itu yang di kemang kan ?

    many thanks for the sweet comments as always .
    keep bloggin XD
    xoxoxo : michelle @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

  3. whoaaaaa pastaaaaa
    i love love pasta super yum yum..

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