Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wish Me Luck

Wish me luck... for real! This post is about what I feel lately,,, Thanks for you who mind to read it... 'coz this is going to be a very long story.

-Blue floral dress, black cardigan, Charles&Keith black bag and shoes-

heeeh.. I don't know,,, but I am really stress out right now. These days are like waiting for my final judgement. Well, technically waiting to have my bachelor degree or.... *the worst thing* still a college student. How do you feel about the final judgement or i don't know what it is called formally, but in bahasa it is 'sidang akhir'? It is where three of my lectures ask me, 'judge' me, and evaluate me whether I am competent enough to be entitled as 'Sarjana Ekonomi'.

I've already given my final paper :
Analysis of Prospective Financial Income Statement in Life Insurance Company. To be honest, I am still blind about the life insurance industry. It's so hard and complicated to be studied. And I don't think that I can answer anything about financial management, because technically I prefer accounting or auditing than finance. But my internship is about finance, so I have to make a paper about my internship, about finance. hmmmm... =.=

And at the time like this, I am still so lazy not to study. Crazy,, if you can call me... Yes, I am crazy for sure... My final judgement is going to be next week, but I haven't studied anything. ANYTHING! lol.. I always like this... I always study one day before my final or mid test. SOmetime, 10 hours before my test! Yes, I know I am such a crazy and lazy person, but thank God I haven't failed a class even once. Well, sometimes it is called magic at critical time. Well, can I have the same magic for my final judgement please? =p

Fiuh... And the situation lately become much worse when you don't have people to support you... Well, I do have a very nice bf who always supports me. But sometimes, I think I feel like I don't have any friend. I don't know how to say this... but seems like it gradually grows in my heart. It is like people don't care about what happened in my life. They don't answer my questions, even if my question is about college. And sometimes they answer, but in a mean way (the way they talk isn't like talking with friend). And that is kindda hurt me.. I will be nice to everyone who is nice to me at anytime. But, I think people are just nice at the good time, not at the bad time... and just care for their own business. well, i think almost everyone does that. It's common, duh? Well, no hard feeling for you, my friend, who read this. Some of you guys are really kind to me. =)

In the end... I wanna thank to everybody who always supports me in everything! I am going to study after this.. (errr.... maybe... hahaha). And I surely will go pass all of these things and soon to be graduated from UI. Wish me luck, guys! ^^v


  1. hei good luck for your final judgement :)
    nice outfits love your shoes :)

  2. wish you all the best for your final jugdment yessie. i have to do my final jugdment too for 2 weeks later. yeaahhh.. good luck to you! you can do it !! :))

  3. hey yessie! we're in the same boat, as u know. :) and i feel the same way: that nobody can relate to or is not willing to relate to my situation. theyre there but theyre not. its weird, complicated, and all in all it makes you feel very uneasy on top of all this tension.
    ur a brilliant girl, i should know as weve been in so many classes together. i know the pressure that comes from our peer group, whether they realize theyre giving off such pressure, and im also aware of the pressure that comes from the family.
    and yet as pressured as i am i never feel very "pushed"--if you get what i mean--to do the best. i ALWAYS and i mean ALWAYS procrastinate. Tho like u i never screw up bad enough and sometimes i wonder whether that is what i need to get a much needed kick in the butt to gather up my act.
    all in all yess, we're in the same boat. and even so, whether you realize it or not you are twice no 5x more brilliant than i am. youd do fine. SERIOUSLY. :) Just ask ur bf and hed tell u the same. :)

  4. good luck y :)
    u're flowery dress so adorable :)

  5. thanks a lot for linking me!! i dont really get university stress but I wish you all the best!

  6. @ Echa : Thank you so much! =)

    @ Tabitha : Thank you!! good luck for you too, dear.. ^^

    @ Intan : Thank you so muchhh, Intan!!! huaaa... you are so nice.. your words boost my spirit! hehehe.. ayooo Tan, kita pasti bisa! hehehe, ntar wisuda bersama2... ^^

    @ Novi : Thank you so much... =)

    @ Tamara : Thank you... means a lot. ^^

  7. hey yessi, i love your shoes . where do you bought it ? i heart it so much :)

  8. i LOVE your dress and shoes :D good luck with everything<3

  9. @ issye margaretha kamal : Thank you! i bought them at Charles and Keith Singapore.. =)

    @ Jasmine : Thank you! =)

  10. goodluck on your defence!!
    I'm sure you'll do great..
    and thanks for linking me..of course I'll link yours in return :)
    lovely cardigan btw..

  11. don't let their mean words let u down..!
    hey, it's normal if u feel no body is bothering u.., but don't let that thought makes u down and unmotivated. just try ur best cz its for ur own good!

    BEST LUCK for ur final presentation!

    btw, u look adorable with that outfits :) love the dress and cardigan :D

    thanks 4 ur sweet comment in my post.
    I made the skirt when I was taking a short course, of course it was impossible without any help on making the skirt. hehehe

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  13. hi.
    thx for the comment..
    i love your blog and your outfit..
    i'll follow you..
    let's share links.. =D

  14. hey ! i know what you're feeling ! i used to have that period in my life too .. i felt i didnt fit in, but once i moved to college, i felt that i met better people out there..

    there's like 6 billion people in this world, and indonesia is the 5th most populated country in the world i think.. u'll find a great friend who'll listen to you :D

    just be grateful of what you hav .
    you can always talk to me if u want :D
    do u have a bb pin ?

    thanks for the sweet comments dear :D
    loved this post very much .
    thanks for sharing..

    visit / comment / follow me back at..

  15. love your outfit, and good luck! :)

  16. @ dotie : Thank you so much! =)

    @ Janet : Thanks a lot! really means a lot for me.. hehehe, still what a lovely skirt that you made.

    @ Merlyn : Thanks! okay, i'll link yours.. =)

    @ Michelle : Thank you so much, Michelle.. you are so nice! Yes, maybe because everybody is under pressure too.. I know I have lots of great friends... and my blogger friends, including you, are so nice to me! means a lot... =)
    I've followed you on twitter.. hehehe.. yes, add my bb pin : 21066d58... thank you! see ya!

    @ Audrey : Thank you so much! =D

  17. c, keknya dressnya gw kenal deh.. hehe, wktu itu gw juga mau bli tuh, tp ga jdi. hehe..CIAYO yah c, final judgementnya!

  18. ei...thanks for the comment..

    good luck also for your final judgement! you can do it! :)

  19. Gosh ... please feel free to talk to me ... I was just talking at length to a student yesterday about her problems and what she thinks her future looks like. Please know that there are people who care about what happens to you. You must just stay quiet, drown out all the noise around you, and that person will come into your life ... I guarantee it! Chin up always?

  20. Loving this pretty outfit! thanks for your comment!

  21. I understand what you mean about your major! There will be something that you are drawn naturally to but dont be afraid to explore other options. also about people...there are people who wont give you the time of day but cherish those who do give their time hope you do well in your class

  22. all the best for your final presentation! i'm going to have mine around May, so i definitely know you stress over the whole project thingy. you're not alone girl, without you knowing, there are many people who love you and so many great things around you! just keep your heart strong and your mind open <3

  23. goodluck dear, love your floral dress and shoes!

  24. yessiii good luck for the final judgement!! I know you'll make it :)..just do your best, believe on yourself, and give the rest to the GOD..everything will be fine dear :)

    anw, I love the blue floral dress!! youu look soo cute in that dress!!

  25. hi again...lets exchange link! :)

  26. good luck dear! btw, love those shoes so much!! :D

  27. nice dress ;D

    thanks for the comment you wrote on my blog .
    keep posting more inspirations !

    much love from .
    glisters and blisters .RS

    i love your shoes so much can i have one like that?
    hihihi :}
    ive already link your blog dont forget to link my blog too
    kiis ariin

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  30. hay ci yessi! yeap, i've asked yessica, hihih. anyway, goodluck for ur final judgement! wish all the best!

    i've followed ur blog and linked it :DD

    do u mind to follow and link me back? thanks a bunch!

    *smooch smooch

  31. thanks for the comment :]
    love your dress, it's lovely!!