Saturday, May 1, 2010

Can't Believe It's been 7 years

Today I had a meet up with my high school friends at Kitchenette, PI. Hahaha, I can't believe it's been 7 year since we met each other. I still remember it was our first grade, I-3 at our lovely school, St Ursula -all girls school, but so much fun-. And it was so silly that we wrote in a shared diary, telling what we felt at that time. hahahha. It's so funny to remember all those things. And it's been almost seven years, most of us have already finished our college too. And still, high school things have always been so memorable for us. =)

-Close up photos.. hahhaha-

-Kitchenette is such a good resto, with nice drinks. I love the lychee one-

-Me and Lovi-

-hahaha, love this one. Thanks, Dit! -


-my friend Dita is so pretty, right? ^^-



  1. you girls are gorgeous!
    having a reunion is always great!
    since everyone is changing now!

    check out my newest post! ♥

    enjoy your weekend!

  2. such a very nice place.
    good that u had so much fun with friends~! :)
    nice outits ! love the dress and jacket

  3. aw very cute! you all look very stylish.

    btw, i'm following you now ;D

  4. hei,,cantik..suka deh senyum lu selalu menawan :)
    lucu yes lacey skirtnya..

  5. it looks like you had a great time!

  6. jadi kangen temen2 sma! =(

    nice post girl!

  7. you guys looked all pretty! and I esp love your frill skirt!

  8. Aaaag ci yessi you look much more beautiful now. Envy! By the way, i love your outter fit so much!

  9. Aww my friends and I used to write in a shared diary also! I kind of miss it. All of these pictures are so cute :)

  10. looks like it was a very good day, love your outfits. my 'graduation' or last day is drawing close at secondary school and its going to be so sad seeing my friends go off to different colleges ): will be following, hope youll follow me too (:

  11. so cute! love these pics :)

  12. kayanya enak ya makan di kitchenette, wanna try it someday, i love your lacey skirt so much yes :)
    LOVE, beauty splashes

  13. lovely reunion .
    it looks like you had so much fun, isnt it?
    love your skirt :)

    have a nice day !

  14. thx for already visit and leave a comment on my blog . ^^

    wanna follow my blog ? if u don't mind . :D

    cute skirt .


  15. cantik2 yahhh!! btw td gw lg pikir eh ini yg rmbt pendek pake blazer cantik yah, trs gw liat captionnya ohhhh itu ternyata lovi hahahah cewenya markus yah? cantik yah imut2 gt kyk korea2 gimanaaa gt. eh anyway bagus banget lace dressnya yes!! gw suka outfit lu, oks bgt deh!!

  16. ahaha high school never ends ya ci ? :D
    anyway , yg cc pake itu dress apa lace skirt gitu ? lucuu :D hihi

  17. nice post you guys looks so sweet

  18. i love kitchenette !
    tempat nya enak bgt buat nongkrong.. gw jg uda lama nga reuni ama tmen2 .. haha..
    tp ur post buat gw jd pengen reunian jg sblm tmen gw pada kluar negeri :)

    many thanks for the sweet comments..

    glisters and blisters

  19. all these photos are so cute! and you're making me hungry with those delicious photos of food!

  20. I've heard a lot of great things about Kitchenette! I'll make sure I visit the place when I go back to Jkt :) Love what you're wearing, reminds me of D&G SS'10 :)

  21. You are soo adorable. and yeah emang gue mesti bangett deh kesana.. kangenn :'(

  22. mayor of what??in college,,i'm in biotechnology,doing some research..
    so,,wanna follow each other??

  23. sorry,,my last post especially the last question were wrong,,its not for you..sorry..


  24. seems so fun!
    gorgeous girls :D


  25. 7 years?? woww lama bgt
    i'm in love with your lace dress!! hihi

    XD nathalie

  26. pretty outfit! you guys look gorgeous. and what a lovely reunion.

    hugs and kisses,
    Fashion Fantasy Land

  27. hey nice blogg (:
    i have skirt seems like yours hehe
    its cute !
    anw mind to exchange link ?

  28. you both look gorgeous!
    never leave eachother girl(:

  29. noooo gw ga ke gi lg minggu ini soalnya hari sabtu gw mau nntn circus itu yg kmrn gw blg di twitter. trs minggunya gw mau ke gor senayan mau tensi buat cari dana bwt acara kampus hahah. trs sbtu depannya mau survey tempat kemping buat acara setelah ospek hahahaha. seballll gw pengen jalan2 mau makan enak gw mau coba kichenette! gw udah janjian sama tmn gw bgtu ada wktu hrs ke pi cobain ahahhaha

  30. Lol, itu ada kembarannya temen SMA gue Yesss!!!

  31. Sounds like such a good time!

    Just came across your blog!

    It is lovely!

  32. itu sebenernya dasternya nykp gw loh hahahah dy beli di bali sayang bgt masa bagus begitu jd daster, enak sih alus ringan gt gw pake aja hahahha. barang gw kan bagi 2 sama dy, yah mostly sih barang gw yg banyak soalny dy kan baru mulai suka fashion dan belanja belenji akhir2 ini hahaha. iya di dlm kamar gw ada ruangan sendiri gt bwt closetnya. mau bgt gw dr dulu, malah gw blg gpp deh klo kamar gw kcl tp walk in closetnya gede, tp ga boleh huhuhu. ga tau deh ini skrg jdnya segede apa, gw tau ukurannya tp ga tau segede apa hahaha. bikin aja yes! bikin aja yg simple kan biar chic gw jg kykna mau black and white gt deh

  33. Hi Yessi
    Can we please have your email? Or if you want you can send email to as we would like to invite you to a very special event. Thank you :)

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  34. I like your cute smile :)
    ... and your blog!

  35. soo pretty.. ! and yes i laughed while reading your post coz it's so related to me and my girls.. we did that as well.. :)

  36. cute outfit! :)
    do visit mine, dear!

    xoxo kelly,

  37. Hahaha, gue nggak kenal sama kembarannya Ting2. Cuma pernah ketemu di sekolah dulu. Dan gue langsung salah panggil. Anjir, tengsin abis. Hahahahaha.

  38. the cupcakes at the top of ur banner once again making me hungry!!!!lol

  39. Hi doll! gorgeous! Looks like a lot of fun too ;) xoxo

  40. you guys looks amazing lovely photos

  41. you all look really stylish!

  42. ah reunion is always great!
    looks like an awesome day
    love your outfit dear!
    what camera do you use by the way ? :)

    have a great weekend!
    join my giveaway if you havent :) 1205 giveaway

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