Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Della's 17th Bday

Last Saturday was Della's sweet seventeen birthday party. She is my wall street friend. The party was great... I love the place (could see the beach) and the food also. The MC is so funny. And Della was so pretty in the dress and make up too. I have already gone to sweet seventeen birthday party at Putri Duyung Cottage for three times actually, but I love this party the most. Unfortunately, there was pouring rain that ruined all the party. The rain started to come at the peak of the event (blowing the candles). Yes, what a pity.. And we couldn't take lots of pictures because of that. :(

By the way, I was one of the candles. Della is so kind to give us the same nude dress and flower necklace. I love the dress, even though I look so fat in it! Hahaha, anyway it was so funny for me, because I became the candle at the age of 21 (nearly 22). Feel so old in the middle of high school girls & boys. And the MC asked me "which school do you come from?" All my friends started to laugh at that time. hahaha.. The MC still thought I was home schooling or some kind of that.. All my friends still laughed too =.=' . Then he asked about college.. Still.. I've already graduated! He was so surprised! hahaha, wish I were in highschool though.. ;)

-Took picture from the cottage-

-Levina and Me in the cottage. all the girls who bring candles got the same nude dress and flower necklace from Della-

-Billy the flower boy! hahahaa-

-Taking a pose ;) -

-With Wall Street Friends-

-Happy Birthday to Della ;) -

Being 17 is always great! Attending the party makes me miss my 17 moments. Yes, lots of things have been happened when I was 17 years old. I played a drama, finished my final paper, went to graduation party, went to Bali with my 12 friends, joined SPMB and got accepted in UI. Hahaha. Cheers to seventeen! ;)


  1. wow.birthday party so cool and just like wedding ceremony though.hehe.
    and im laughed when u told that's MC asked ur school.hehe.but honestly u look like high school students.;p

    miss u yessi.long times we didnt chat.hehe^_^


  2. oohh you look so stunning in that dress! i dont think you look fat at all! :D

    and yeah.. reliving those years when i was still 17 makes me wish i can easily go back to that time. hahaha! gaaah.. i feel so old! :p

  3. aWeSoMe 17th B'DaY PaRTy..

  4. ok. in what part exactly did you look fat yessssssssssss??? :)
    you look VERY pretty and the party seems sooooooo funn! i wish i couldve been there to enjoy it! and i love the view of the beach! :)

  5. that was so fun time!!!nice!!

  6. party nya manis ya,ga mewah,tapi pas bgt yess gw suka deh,dress lu juga simple :)) love love deh yes..hehe

  7. Yes, you should be thankful, nggak kaya gue yang bahkan dibilang anak SMP! Please abis!

  8. as a matter of fact i know her :) i wasn't invited though

    was it a white party? you look beautiful

  9. hi dear u look stunning as usual :D
    thanks for your lovely comment
    have a nice day yaaa :D
    check out my new post

  10. you should be happy coz the MC thought you were about 4 years younger ;)..hehehe

    dressnya cantiiik..sama skali ga bikin kamu terlihat gendut koq *coz you're not one ;)*..
    baik bgt ya tmnmu kasih dress gtu..hehe..

  11. dia adek kelas guee, hehehe. well you look good, and della looked pretty too :)

  12. wow cute pictures! Love them and it looked like such a great night!

  13. Nice pictures! Looks like you all had a great time!

  14. hahah, post titlenya kok sama persis sama birthday post title di blog aku ya?? lol..

    anyway looks like it's a great party..

  15. Wow, looks like a great party!
    And you look so gorgeous in that dress.

  16. wah ud lama bgd nih ga ke sweet 17th an haha.anw love your simple dress ♥

  17. great bday party! =))

    you didn't look fat yessi. uda kurus cantik gitu. hehehe.. iyah.. itu fotonya depan rumah, tp rumah cowo gua. =))

    hugs and kisses,
    Fashion Fantasy Land

  18. wow, seems it's a nice party!! :D

  19. First, what a great party! Reading this post gave a lot of insight into an event I'm not familiar with. And second, you in no way look fat in that white dress!! I think you look beautiful and simply lovely!!!!

    Thanks for your visit!

  20. Such a lovely party!

    Catch my blog giveaway by clicking this link. Thanks lovely ;)

  21. hihi it seems you were having great time :)
    dressny bgus ci!! simple tp kerennnn

    XD nathalie

  22. Seems like an awesome party ci! And actually you look great in that dress, not fat at all! Haha. Aww I will have graduated high school when I'm seventeen. Not fun :(

  23. oh itu dress nya samaan smua yah yg megang candle? simple tp ttp baguss kalo diliat.
    ga kliatan gndut koq yes.hahaha