Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost All Black

Almost all my outfit here are black, except the shirt and accessories. Well, actually I am in the mood of dark colors so I am wearing my black and gray with some gold accessories. For me, black and gray are my favorite colors, but recently I am into white color. My friend told me that if I wore black outfit, the picture would be much darker. hehehe.. Well, at least wearing white color isn't as hot as wearing black. So I rarely use black color in this endless summer now. =P

-Zara gray t.shirt; Body and Soul black dress; Charles&Keith Signature ankle boots; random accessories-

-Forever 21 bracelets and ring-

So here is the story behind my dark mood : *this will be very long .. =.=

Recently I am busy with job interview and test. Well, as you know, I've already got a job as an auditor, but still........ trying to free my self from that job. The job is like in my comfort zone which I could say that I am in the right path in my accountancy field. But there will be lots of overtime and something like that, that I figure it will be much of boring.

So when there was a call from another big company, I was quite happy, but quite shocked as well. Hahaha, it was like I was in a big fortune (Well, sometime I am not that confident person. I am from the best univ in Indonesia where all the smart students gather here. And I see lots of VERY smart people around that would piss me off). Anyway, I could go through until the final step which was yesterday. The job actually is marketing and I can say it's beyond my comfort zone. Somehow I like it, I like the job and everything. But, I keep thinking whether I can fit to the job well and whether I can get the job. Both things are really bother my mind. *sigh.

In the conclusion... I think God will show me the way. Hahaha, really. I am not that religious person, too lazy to go to the church, but I do believe He will give the best for me. So, if they reject me, then I know I'll become a good auditor. If they accept me, I'll do my best in marketing area. Well, thanks for reading the long post. A silly and unimportant thought from me. ;)


  1. goodluck with the job!
    and i like your outfit!

  2. black with golden accessories? awesome! :D
    btw, g baru nyadar belom follow blog lu..g follow yak :):)

    have a nice day,

  3. aaahh dont worry too much.. im in the process of trying to get a job too and there have been jobs that i wasn't considered for at all. i just dont let it get to me and think that it's just not meant to be.. :) stay positive!

    you look great in that outfit! so stylish with that belt and shoes! :)

    Animated Confessions

  4. hei cantik,kyny belt kita hampir sama.hehe :) pkknya apapun deh job nya good luck ya sayang.

  5. ouch your outfit!that's boot so cool.
    and why u look so skinny? jealous! :)

    btw,good luck for ur job.wish u have great experience on doing it.(i like marketing too)hehe.


  6. hey thanks for the sweet comment :)
    nice shoes
    wanna xchange link & follow ?

  7. First off, GREAT LOOK! I love how you "dress down" the dress by layering it on top of a t-shirt :) and the accessories really spiced up the look as well :)

    And good for you for knowing what you want instead of settling in your comfort zone. I hope all goes well for you :)

  8. goodluck for the job yaaa! and yes, God always show us the right way hihii

    have a new post and please feel free to comment ya thx

  9. Good luck for the job! Hey, you have very nice dress. It's match with you.

  10. love it top to toe!! esp your belt and accessories
    ahh cc kurus bgt!! ngiri dehhhh:(
    good luck for the job by the way
    check out my latest post ya

  11. lovely outfit !
    love it . >o<

    aku udah post yg ke bali kmren,,
    hehe ^^

    tp fotonya cuman dikit :( . huhu~


  12. great outfit, i love your ring. lovely blog :)

  13. hah?seriously? 60 millions/package?waw that's way too much-_- hihi. anw cute outfit, love ur ankle boots!
    check my new post ya :)

    xoxo kelly

  14. super duper nice outfit,love your shoes and btw nice blog too :)))

  15. ankle boots are adorable ! :DD

  16. The dress fits u prettily! And love the accessories :DD

    May I link u?

  17. I hope you get the job!!

    && awesome outfit- those ankle boots are amaaazinngg.

  18. yessii. break a leg! interview dimana yes?

  19. i lovee black and i wish lots of luck about the job!
    ohh i love those bracelets and the cameo in the necklace is awesome!

  20. gak lah, belom pantes dibilang koki kali! haha. btw, thanks for the comment yah! sorry balesnya buka komputer nih :p

  21. Love your accessories :) Good luck on the job hunt!

  22. That´s a beautiful dress but the belt is gorgeous! Perfect pairing with dress and I love your jewelry.:)

    I´d say go out of the ¨box¨and take the new job as a challenge if you really like it a lot. Word of advice though, don´t resign from your present job unless you´re sure that you´re hired by the other company.Good luck! ;)

  23. so chic it takes my breath away x

  24. good luck with the job application, ci!
    i just realized you have killer legs :D
    love your outfit, especially the boots!

    Castor Pollux

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  26. nice dress! i love the way you wear the shirt! :)

  27. super duper like the outfit! especially your accesories.. its so cool!
    ya, dark color is super cool no matter what, haha

  28. like your dress :)

    if you are staying in indonesia, i invite you to join my second giveaway on:

    and win the prize :) thanks have a nice day

  29. good luck yess :)
    kau cantik pake ankle boots :) something different from you i guess !

  30. good luck!
    you look lovely - the outfit is simple, but chic!

  31. good luck for the job dear :D
    u look stunning, i love it :)

  32. ci suka deh gelang2nya :) outfitnya juga

  33. good luck for the job.i hope u're being a success woman and love your outfit hehe.

  34. hi my name is erica and I found ur blog in other blog

    I just love here its so cute
    your pics so great too :)
    come back visit me

    ps: i loooooooooooove ur shoes

  35. love the bit of grey!!
    love the blog
    great posts :)
    stop by some time! xx

  36. I'm a fan of black and dark colours haha
    Loving this ensemble and the ankle boots are fab
    Hope you can get the best job :)


  37. Wow you look really stylish ci ! Super love this outfit ! Great dress and shoes ;) Good luck for the job yah !

  38. love your outfit. evertyhing!! you looks so fab! and good luck for your job dear :D

  39. lovely outfit as always yess!

    good luck for the job. and believe that God will guide you to the right path. =))

    hugs and kisses,

  40. aihh. keren bgd nih dress and bootsnya. sukaaaa! ^^

    btw, goodluck yah . audit tuh bknna yg suka lembur2 gtuu ya kalo kerja?hehehe. smgt2, yg pst jgn sia2in ksmptn baik. dcoba ajaa dulu n pkirin baik2. God will show the best way!

  41. Oh you're sooo pretty.. I love your dress, accessories, and well.. anything on you there! :D


    The Picnic Girl

  42. hello yessica. long time no chat with you. happy holiday! :D

  43. you look great! i love everything you have on. and good luck with figuring out the job thing

    thanks for the comment come back anytime. im following your blog

    Vi from Cali

  44. Ooooh love the outfit, and the ankle boots! (drooling)

    do visit our store ya

  45. yayyy! not all black but almost black.. nice outfit..
    btw, u look so slim.. LOL..
    envy your body

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