Friday, June 18, 2010

Sushi Joobu

I tried this new sushi restaurant, Sushi Joobu at Kelapa Gading with my WS friends two weeks ago. The decoration reminds me much more of modern and tropical, since there are rattan chairs and tropical music. Well, for me, the ambience is quite good. Since they've just opened, the menu is just black-and-white list, with no pictures. Sometimes it's hard to choose what sushi we want if there is no picture, right?

When it comes to the food, I could say that it's a fushion sushi *still, no special in the food, but not bad too! hehehe. The dissapointing fact is that there were some ingredients which they didn't have at that time, such as avocado and fish roe. So, we had to choose another menu because of that. haih... Overall it is just ordinary sushi restaurant for me *sorry. But here are the pictures :