Monday, July 26, 2010

I Hate Pimples

Okay, I know the title is very clear. I hate pimples! All pimples! =(

I had these pimples under my mouth. And one of them is very annoying. It was red, big, and hurt so bad! It was like somebody punched my lips. huhuhu. And the worst part is that I had this pimple when I met my customers for the first time. huhuhu. so embarrassing!

Okay, stop about the complaining, because it is getting better now (thanks to getamicin). And now the funniest thing is my boss who laughed at my pimple, has the SAME pimple in the SAME place! hahaha.. I laughed a LOT this morning when I saw him. Hopefully I won't get the same pimple again because of it. ;)

These pictures were taken last Saturday when I had another gathering with my friends at Pizza Boutique, PI. I love the place, although it is quite in the open place. The pasta is quite good, and I can taste the dessert pizza. We ordered Mudhoney Pizza, though I think it was too sweet and hot (I thought this dessert pizza would be cold). But the Cookies and Cream Pizza looks delicious. =D
-Nice ambience-
-I like this photo =D -


  1. what is getamicin? was it that cure?
    i love mudhoney from pizza boutique, highly recommended :)
    love your skirt, Ci.

  2. God, I hate pimples too, especially the cystic ones!>.< I hope it'll get better though. LOL @ your boss having the same one at the same spot. Karma :D

  3. you look lovely.. i hate pimples too.. i normally use mario badescu to dry them.. you should try it! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. you know I always want to get that necklace, where did you buy it?
    love your look!

  5. yess.mau lihat pimple kamu.hehe:) starving pasta because of u!hehehe.

    btw yess,do u edit the blur-ing photo?
    i like ur alone photo! :)

  6. haha i hate pimples too ! A LOT !
    pants ny aku beli di mangdu ni hehe.di yuan itu pun tnggal 1 1 ny dan ukuran ny L, too big ga kliatan bgd kan ?haha

  7. i like your neklace...
    snake thing is not is u want it??

  8. You and your friends look so pretty in the photos!The pasta look so delicious too. :)

    Never touch your pimples so as not to irritate them because they could turn into a full blown acne, allow them to dry even after you place getamicin so that they don´t leave a scar.;)

  9. I hate pimples too ! ;( The restaurant looks nice , love the photos , lovely !

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  10. me too!!! jerawat it hal yg plg mnggnggu pnmpilan hihiihi plg sebel kalo ad jerawat gede nemplok


  11. Maybe you should try the aspirin mask to prevent the pimples dear, I hate them so too! >< Anw Im liking all the pics in this post ;)XO,BarbieJunk

  12. i think everyone hates pimples. :]
    btw,i love your smile. :]

  13. makanannya kayaknya enaaak tuh yes!

    re: ga lah, msa ketuaan , ga lah.hahahaa.
    kaan qta umurnya beragam,hihihihi. iyaa jeremy masih ada, kykna mci banyak anak lama, yg psti anak baru nambah terus, dah bertaburan.hhw.

    ohh.itu warung leko toh. ak kira makanan eropa or something.hahahaa.

  14. very nice photos here! love the zebra skit ;)

  15. Haha. Nice and funny post. Let me just say I LOVE your blog. The header is beautiful and it looks yummy!

    These photos are beautfiul and I love the outfits!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  16. the second photo looks nice dear :) thanks for your comment :)

  17. ohh, i really hate my pimples too , yess! itu sangat mengganggu ! hikshiks

    ooh, i always love ur outfit as usual anw (:

  18. foto nya bagus banget yess !! btw itu lu kalo foto makanan set f nya brp tuh ? gw tiap x foto makanan kek blur bgt pinggiran nya. ahha

  19. haha at your boss getting one in the same place :P

    That pasta and pizza look so good!

    xox cathy.

  20. i hate pimples too!
    nice place btw ci, and love your zebra-pattern skirt :)

    oxox, djhanq
    tattoo freak

  21. i hate pimples too
    it very annoying for me ><
    i love the place where you took the pics

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  23. very lovely photos, looks like a cute restaurant!
    and the pimple thing- it's all karma hahaha ;)

  24. oh my.. those food are to die for!

    care to follow my blog? ill follow u back :)

  25. sound like a fun gathering :) you look really sweet, ci!

    wish your pimple will quickly disappear! don't we just hate zits on important occasion? ;)

    Castor Pollux

  26. the pizza dessert looks so nice
    will try it someday
    hope you're doing well yessi!

  27. i hate it too ! haha
    love your outfit and happy friendship day ! :D

  28. your blog is sooo cute! the cupcakes looks delicious OMG! great style you have!

  29. thx for ur sweet comment kak :)

    uumm ! the food looks yummm ! >.<
    cool photos !

    check my newest post,

  30. i hate pimples too :(
    btw nice photos yessi, love your smile.