Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feeling Lazy These Days =.=

Hello!! Long time no blogging.. I changed my blog layout, kindda boring with the old one, and I was too confused with lots of design so I decided to use the simple one. I will make the header and put something to spice up the blog later. If you want to give your blog link, you are welcome too (I lost the old ones) ^^v

These pictures were taken a month ago. I went to 99 with my high school friends. I love the restaurant, the food is delicious, quite pricey, but it is worthy enough. You should try the pasta or the chicken. No wonder the resto is always crowded every time I go there.

-Ninety Nine -

-Just a random picture, the ambiance inside is quite dark as you can see-

-Close Up picture... I rarely use make up as you can see-

-The food is great-

-The ice chocolate is too sweet for me somehow -

-Great Pasta! Yummy ~ ^^ -

-My Favorite Photo, she is surely very photogenic ^^ -

-I like to use those sandals to the office when I am feeling lazy ;p -

Life is becoming challenging recently. My job demands me to improve myself while I am still trying to adapt with the new environment. I think I just have to break the ice and push myself beyond the line. The good news : I am going to Vietnam next week for the new hires program. I am so excited! Thanks to the company. Teeheee... Nice weekend, guys! ^^


  1. love your leopard top
    and goodluck di vietnam ya yes ;)


  2. i'm craving for pasta after seeing your shots :Q
    your friends is sooo pretty ! she got a very beautiful smile
    and wish you a good luck with your job :)

  3. the food is really temptingggg :pp

  4. the food makes me drools!~
    love the pattern top with blazer~ !

  5. woah those pics make me hungry ci!
    love your close-up pic, you look beautiful there ;)
    your friend too

    Castor Pollux

  6. the pasta looks very very delicious!!

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  7. aaaa the food!! I wonder the taste is so yummy!

    Nice blog anw ;)

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  9. I definitely want to try the ice choco at the left, Ci. it looks yummy :9 you captured those foods perfectly
    Your friend is very pretty :)


  10. second pic is wonderful <3
    what a great blog :)

  11. hi hi long time no chit - chat
    how are you?
    do you join meet up next saturday