Sunday, October 17, 2010

Night Walk at Ho Chi Minh

Hello again, Jakarta! I've just come back from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I've gone there for 6 days. and it was such a great trip. I called this night walk, because we only had time at the evening or night. But I quite enjoyed this trip because I could meet lots of friends and had a pleasant time with my friends.

I am sharing you some of these pictures from Ho Chi Minh. And I am going to upload more... ^^v

-There are lots of great architectures in HCM, especially the old ones-

-Near Tux Market-

-There is MOF that much cheaper in there-

-The Vinasun Taxi-

-Benthan Night Market-

-She is a very cute Vietnamese girl who sold fans and postcards at the night market. She is such a great seller. My friend said bye2 to her but she said "I don't need bye bye, I need you to buy" lols-

-Vietnam House : quite a good resto-

-In front of the cathedral-

-Near Diamond Plaza-


  1. beautiful city i though, that was a nice trip ^^


  2. Vietnam looks so awesome at night!
    seem u have fun!
    long time no see you in bloglife ci! i miss you alot hehe x)

    xoxo kelly

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  4. Amazing pictures looks like you had a great time :) following your blog now hun it's really good xx

  5. Hi,

    I enjoyed your HO Chi Minh photos. It's a place I would like to visit sometime!!!

    Love Nana

  6. Pretty photos! The bokeh in the background is so mesmerising haha :)

  7. wow wow.. what a great holiday!! I like those photos, and seems that vietnam is a very interesting country :D
    thanks for comment anyway.

  8. great look so lovely!

  9. Great photos. I'd like to visit there someday, and it nice to see what it looks like there, and you look lovely in the photos. :-)

  10. I don't need a bye bye, I need you to buy! Hahaha isn't she adorable. Did you eventually buy from her though?

    also, you look lovely as usual :)

  11. hey i love your cardigan yessi
    great vacation btw thx for checking my blog and leave the sweetest comment

  12. beautiful photos yess !
    i wish we could meet up really soon :) hehee.
    i like ur last post ! lighting nya dapet banggettt

    happy sunday xx

  13. nice trip yessi,wish the holiday can refresh your mind. great night photos :) love the bokeh effects...

  14. nice pictures! nice outfit on the last photo

    follow for follow? :)