Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Put the Blazer On

Last Sunday, I also got lots of new things. I got aqua lily body lotion and shower gel from the exchanging gifts, chocolate, and some accessories from Forever 21. Currently love black and gold things. ^^

-Blazer : Invio, shorts : The Executive, Bag : C&K, Shoes : Wondershoe-

-Random Things of mine-

Pizza Bar and Warung Pasta

Last Sunday, I ate at Pizza Bar, GI. Talking about it, it reminds me about Warung Pasta where I ate few weeks ago. Well, of course both of them are different, because Warung Pasta is at Kemang (the plaze is more cozy), while Pizza Bar is at food court of GI (so crowed and you know the atmosphere of it). But, they have the same segmen for Italian food and quite cheap pizza and pasta.

I think Pizza Bar is cheaper than Warung Pasta, but the taste of the food is standard - not too good, not too bad. The pizza is small, so is the pasta. But, they give lots of offering, like package of fettucine carbonara + bolognaise pizza + ice tea (like the pict below). Also, if you spend more than 50,000 idr, they will give you free ice cream (strawberry or chocolate) with few toppings. And for the last, you can refill your ice tea.

-Some picts from Pizza Bar-

I love Warung Pasta at Kemang. And it is more famous, I think... The place is more cozy and there is wifi too. There are lots of choice of the pasta and unique one. There is banana and chocolate pizza, for example. But as you can guess, the portion is quite small also, balancing their price with the size. But I think you should try the pizza, I like it somehow. However, I think the taste of the food is quite plain. Well, I don't like salty food so much, but why I find the food there quite plain. Overall, i think it's a great place to eat but the choice is yours! Happy eating! =)

-Some picts from Warung Pasta-

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kebaya Day

Last Saturday was my graduation day at FE UI. It was only for Economic Students. SO happy that finally we could graduate. And as you can see, all the girls are wearing kebaya. And they are also very pretty indeed. Too bad I didn't do anything for my hair and make-up, because in the morning I had to do an interview at PwC. After all, I think wearing our traditional clothes is awesome too! All my friends look fabulous, right? Don't we just love our culture? ^^

And by the way, I've got awards from Echa and Caroline. Thank youuuuu so much, guys! ^^

The first one from Echa - Hei Echa. It is 101 Award... So I have to post 10 things that make me happy.. Hmmm... They are :
1. My lovely boyfriend who is very kind and patience to me. hehehe. ;p
2. Shopping - I think it's become a habit. =.='
3. Eating Sushi, especially at SushiTei. hehehe.
4. Taking lots of pictures, especially taking candid pictures of my friends. hihihi, sorry guys! ^^v
5. Watching funny movies
6. Karaoke-ing
7. Holidays! hehehe,,, everyone likes it, right? =p
8. Chatting with friends, talking anything..
9. Having a good score... sometimes A can come in a surprise! =p
10. Getting a job! ahhaha, I am jobless right now, so I desperately need a job. @.@

The second one is from Caroline - Castor Pollux... Thank you, sweetie.. ^^
Here is some rules to join international blogger community:
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3. Post this in one or all of your blogs.
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4. Persons you tagged : any of you who like to post it! ^^

Friday, January 15, 2010


Yup! Finally I am graduated from UI! Hehehe. ^^v

Sorry for the lack post, I have to deal with the graduation things that keep me busy lately. But I am so glad that I could pass through these years, 3 and a half year exactly! It's just like yesterday when the first time I entered UI and now I have to say goodbye. :'(

-Will be missing all of you and the atmosphere here!-

Thank you for all your support, guys! You guys are so nice to me,,, I am so flattered to read all those nice comments from you. really mean a lot for me. Hope you have a nice day! =)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wish Me Luck

Wish me luck... for real! This post is about what I feel lately,,, Thanks for you who mind to read it... 'coz this is going to be a very long story.

-Blue floral dress, black cardigan, Charles&Keith black bag and shoes-

heeeh.. I don't know,,, but I am really stress out right now. These days are like waiting for my final judgement. Well, technically waiting to have my bachelor degree or.... *the worst thing* still a college student. How do you feel about the final judgement or i don't know what it is called formally, but in bahasa it is 'sidang akhir'? It is where three of my lectures ask me, 'judge' me, and evaluate me whether I am competent enough to be entitled as 'Sarjana Ekonomi'.

I've already given my final paper :
Analysis of Prospective Financial Income Statement in Life Insurance Company. To be honest, I am still blind about the life insurance industry. It's so hard and complicated to be studied. And I don't think that I can answer anything about financial management, because technically I prefer accounting or auditing than finance. But my internship is about finance, so I have to make a paper about my internship, about finance. hmmmm... =.=

And at the time like this, I am still so lazy not to study. Crazy,, if you can call me... Yes, I am crazy for sure... My final judgement is going to be next week, but I haven't studied anything. ANYTHING! lol.. I always like this... I always study one day before my final or mid test. SOmetime, 10 hours before my test! Yes, I know I am such a crazy and lazy person, but thank God I haven't failed a class even once. Well, sometimes it is called magic at critical time. Well, can I have the same magic for my final judgement please? =p

Fiuh... And the situation lately become much worse when you don't have people to support you... Well, I do have a very nice bf who always supports me. But sometimes, I think I feel like I don't have any friend. I don't know how to say this... but seems like it gradually grows in my heart. It is like people don't care about what happened in my life. They don't answer my questions, even if my question is about college. And sometimes they answer, but in a mean way (the way they talk isn't like talking with friend). And that is kindda hurt me.. I will be nice to everyone who is nice to me at anytime. But, I think people are just nice at the good time, not at the bad time... and just care for their own business. well, i think almost everyone does that. It's common, duh? Well, no hard feeling for you, my friend, who read this. Some of you guys are really kind to me. =)

In the end... I wanna thank to everybody who always supports me in everything! I am going to study after this.. (errr.... maybe... hahaha). And I surely will go pass all of these things and soon to be graduated from UI. Wish me luck, guys! ^^v