Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Flower

I went to Little Baghdad at Gading Batavia today... Little place, with some brown Arabic ambiance... Nice place to hang out, if it's not too hot. hahaha... Seriously, I thought the AC was not turned on. =P But well, it's time for sisha sisha ... ^^

I love this Zara floral blouse... I think the color is perfect

-Can see little view of Paladin apartment-

-Smile of Baghdad : a little bit sour with vanilla ice cream-

-Zara floral blouse, belt and jeans; Charles & Keith Wedges-

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Craziness Back Then

It's been quite long time since I finished my study in wall street. I remember how this place became my second home that I knew all the staffs and most of the students. I may say many crazy thing I've done in here.. Many things I've learnt from here, not just English, but friendship also. Now it reminds me about the first time I made this blog for my wall street's friends. Hahaha, such a silly thing I made, some craziness to capture my friend's photos in candid and make story of them. If you see the posts labeled 'antara dsc', then you can see my craziness I talked about. =P

And now this place (Wall street La Piazza) is still similiar to me... The tables, the seats, the 'aquarium classes', etc... But it's not familiar again. There are lots of people that I don't recognise anymore. The staffs have already changed. I miss my consultant, Anwar, who is in Surabaya right now. I miss my funny and great teachers.. huaaahh... and many people that I called them as friends. Miss them all. =)

These pictures were taken yesterday when I visited Wall Street. My bf had an encounter class and I had little study of the camera with Mr Robin. Hehehe.. Thanks for the lesson of diagframa, shutter speed, iso, blitz power, and other things. Hope can use this camera very well. Thanks for reading my blog. Have a nice day, guys! =)

-F21 black jacket; unbranded leopard tank; Sash skirt; Charles&Keith Sandals; Topshop necklaces-

-The hair is so messy and dry. it's always like this after I wash my hair... =( -

-He's Robin that tought me some lessons of the camera, looks so young, but he's 3 years older than me!-

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Remembering the old time always makes me miss that moment. Time is flying so fast, I guess. Can't believe I am almost 22 years.. And I feel it's just yesterday when I graduated my high school and entered college life. Also can't believe it was 2 years ago when I entered wall street institute for the first time. And somehow, it makes me realize that maybe it's time to grow up, since I am the youngest in the family and I am such a childish person. Anyway these pictures are old ones. Have a nice day! :)

-Zara dress & bag, unbranded cardigan & sandals-

-love the picture here-