Friday, May 28, 2010

Nanny's Pavillon

So I had another reunion with my UI friends in Nanny's Pavillon, CiWalk Sudirman. The place is so cute.. I really want to decorate my room like this! hahaha.. Sorry I'm not into writing thing now, so just put lots of pictures. Have a nice long weekend. ;)

And these are the photos that I've already edited... Hahaha, sucks in editing actually. ;)

-I really love those paintings on the wall-

-Yoan and Me. Really a BIG thanks to Yoan who took pictures of me ;) -

-Me, Cindy, Sarce, and Christa-

-All my friends who came-

-Mom's white blouse, Dolcevita skirt, Topshop necklace, Charles&Keith Wedges-

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Della's 17th Bday

Last Saturday was Della's sweet seventeen birthday party. She is my wall street friend. The party was great... I love the place (could see the beach) and the food also. The MC is so funny. And Della was so pretty in the dress and make up too. I have already gone to sweet seventeen birthday party at Putri Duyung Cottage for three times actually, but I love this party the most. Unfortunately, there was pouring rain that ruined all the party. The rain started to come at the peak of the event (blowing the candles). Yes, what a pity.. And we couldn't take lots of pictures because of that. :(

By the way, I was one of the candles. Della is so kind to give us the same nude dress and flower necklace. I love the dress, even though I look so fat in it! Hahaha, anyway it was so funny for me, because I became the candle at the age of 21 (nearly 22). Feel so old in the middle of high school girls & boys. And the MC asked me "which school do you come from?" All my friends started to laugh at that time. hahaha.. The MC still thought I was home schooling or some kind of that.. All my friends still laughed too =.=' . Then he asked about college.. Still.. I've already graduated! He was so surprised! hahaha, wish I were in highschool though.. ;)

-Took picture from the cottage-

-Levina and Me in the cottage. all the girls who bring candles got the same nude dress and flower necklace from Della-

-Billy the flower boy! hahahaa-

-Taking a pose ;) -

-With Wall Street Friends-

-Happy Birthday to Della ;) -

Being 17 is always great! Attending the party makes me miss my 17 moments. Yes, lots of things have been happened when I was 17 years old. I played a drama, finished my final paper, went to graduation party, went to Bali with my 12 friends, joined SPMB and got accepted in UI. Hahaha. Cheers to seventeen! ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blowing It Up

Hello, Guys.. how are you doing lately? hehehe. Currently I am doing nothing since I will be working in September. I still have three months holidays. hehehe, kindda bored sometimes, but mostly I have to enjoy my holidays before 'the real life' come! :'(

How do you spend your holidays? Hahaha, I am wondering what I should do during my holidays. Well, traveling will be in June or July. And to think of it, it's the time for me to earn money, not to spend it. =.= But I think I will spend the rest of my life by working and earning money without long holidays like this, even I have to deal with overtime (Go home at 3 am or worse). So, I think if there is a chace, why need to hurry up.. Just take your time and enjoy it. Some students want their graduation faster, but some workers want to go back to their university life. Treasure every moment in your life, I guess! Everybody has their own time. ;)

-Wind is blowing! =) -

-Forever 21 & Miss Selfridge Rings-

-Zara Blazer, Elle White Tank, Rosebud Pink Skirt, Charles&Keith Wedges & Bag-

-I love this necklace from Topshop-

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blue Stripes and Sushi Ya

I went to Sushi Ya at Tis Square this Thursday. I always want to go there, but I've never got any chances to eat there until two days ago. Well that's because at my first trip, the resto was very crowded (apparently the resto in Tebet is very small and I couldn't wait any longer). At my second trip to there, the resto was closed (the resto at Tebet is opened from 4 pm). But those things weren't happened during my third trip to Tis Square. The place is much bigger and opened from 11 am. It's such an affordable sushi resto, but not that much affordable. I could say so because the size of the sushi is quite small. But the taste is quite unique. I love their spicy salmon maki, maybe I have to taste another menu of the sushi next time. Nice to try, I might say. ;)

-the resto at the second floor-


Thursday, May 13, 2010

That Little White Dress

I had another reunion with my friends at Canteen, PI. The name reminds me of my canteen at school or college. Hahaha, but the Canteen at PI has a very good ambiance. Because I'd eaten before, I didn't eat at Canteen again. Well, are three slices of pizza and a cup of hot chocolate counted as 'eat'? hehehehe. The hot chocolate is great, it's not too hot and not too sweet. The pizza is delicious also, but it's too thin. My friend ordered lasagna, and it was great too! No wonder the place is crowded. If you haven't tried it yet, you should go there sometime. =)

-at Canteen-

-some pictures there-

Wearing three layers of outfit that day. First is the dress that shows the laces, then the white loose top with lots of chains, and the third is the jacket. Kindda feeling of white dress lately. I couldn't show my outfit pictures at PI, because my friend took the pictures blur and not in the right focus. :'( Well that's okay, my bf took some pictures of mine at home. Sorry for the poor lighting.

-With the Jacket : Forever 21 jacket, zara white chain top, zara white dress (as inner), Charles&Keith bag, Wondershoe shoes, Random Accessories-

-Without the Jacket-

-The black accessories look so dominant on white outfit-

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Uniquely Place - Lara Djonggrang

I visited Lara Djonggrang resto this Saturday with my boyfriend. When I asked my friend about it, she said the place was quite mystical and quite expensive. hahaha. And she is quite right! There are so many rooms with different names. One room can be decorated in China, Siam, Bali, etc. Every Sunday from 9 am - 1 pm, they have Indonesia's Cultural Dining Series (like traditional market in the resto) that sell many traditional food. I would like to try it sometime. It's such a nice with so many decorations, very unique I think. And the staffs are very friendly. If we ask them, they will happily guide us to every room with little explanation. Great place to hangout, especially in the bar. Some pictures I took -no editing and small size- too lazy in the middle of the night I guess. Hehehehe. =P Have a nice weekend!


I like the dawet ice (es cendol) so much. The portion is very big, we can share it up to 4 persons I guess. hehehe. Btw the upper right picture is the Lara Djonggrang's statue, pretty huh? =)

-Me with the pimple on my chin :'( -

-my boyfie with super large gado-gado-

-I love this pict, this is my lychee tea : sweet enough-

-My outfit : feeling so brown anddd... FAT! hahaha-

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Can't Believe It's been 7 years

Today I had a meet up with my high school friends at Kitchenette, PI. Hahaha, I can't believe it's been 7 year since we met each other. I still remember it was our first grade, I-3 at our lovely school, St Ursula -all girls school, but so much fun-. And it was so silly that we wrote in a shared diary, telling what we felt at that time. hahahha. It's so funny to remember all those things. And it's been almost seven years, most of us have already finished our college too. And still, high school things have always been so memorable for us. =)

-Close up photos.. hahhaha-

-Kitchenette is such a good resto, with nice drinks. I love the lychee one-

-Me and Lovi-

-hahaha, love this one. Thanks, Dit! -


-my friend Dita is so pretty, right? ^^-