Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost All Black

Almost all my outfit here are black, except the shirt and accessories. Well, actually I am in the mood of dark colors so I am wearing my black and gray with some gold accessories. For me, black and gray are my favorite colors, but recently I am into white color. My friend told me that if I wore black outfit, the picture would be much darker. hehehe.. Well, at least wearing white color isn't as hot as wearing black. So I rarely use black color in this endless summer now. =P

-Zara gray t.shirt; Body and Soul black dress; Charles&Keith Signature ankle boots; random accessories-

-Forever 21 bracelets and ring-

So here is the story behind my dark mood : *this will be very long .. =.=

Recently I am busy with job interview and test. Well, as you know, I've already got a job as an auditor, but still........ trying to free my self from that job. The job is like in my comfort zone which I could say that I am in the right path in my accountancy field. But there will be lots of overtime and something like that, that I figure it will be much of boring.

So when there was a call from another big company, I was quite happy, but quite shocked as well. Hahaha, it was like I was in a big fortune (Well, sometime I am not that confident person. I am from the best univ in Indonesia where all the smart students gather here. And I see lots of VERY smart people around that would piss me off). Anyway, I could go through until the final step which was yesterday. The job actually is marketing and I can say it's beyond my comfort zone. Somehow I like it, I like the job and everything. But, I keep thinking whether I can fit to the job well and whether I can get the job. Both things are really bother my mind. *sigh.

In the conclusion... I think God will show me the way. Hahaha, really. I am not that religious person, too lazy to go to the church, but I do believe He will give the best for me. So, if they reject me, then I know I'll become a good auditor. If they accept me, I'll do my best in marketing area. Well, thanks for reading the long post. A silly and unimportant thought from me. ;)

Sushi Joobu

I tried this new sushi restaurant, Sushi Joobu at Kelapa Gading with my WS friends two weeks ago. The decoration reminds me much more of modern and tropical, since there are rattan chairs and tropical music. Well, for me, the ambience is quite good. Since they've just opened, the menu is just black-and-white list, with no pictures. Sometimes it's hard to choose what sushi we want if there is no picture, right?

When it comes to the food, I could say that it's a fushion sushi *still, no special in the food, but not bad too! hehehe. The dissapointing fact is that there were some ingredients which they didn't have at that time, such as avocado and fish roe. So, we had to choose another menu because of that. haih... Overall it is just ordinary sushi restaurant for me *sorry. But here are the pictures :

Monday, June 7, 2010

5 Days in Bali

Spent five days in Bali. Still so fascinating and hot... ;)

-Kuta Beach-

-Tanah Lot-

-Sunset in Tanah Lot-

-Sunset in Dreamland-

-Midnight in front of Hard Rock Hotel-


-At Discovery Mall, Kuta-