Monday, July 26, 2010

I Hate Pimples

Okay, I know the title is very clear. I hate pimples! All pimples! =(

I had these pimples under my mouth. And one of them is very annoying. It was red, big, and hurt so bad! It was like somebody punched my lips. huhuhu. And the worst part is that I had this pimple when I met my customers for the first time. huhuhu. so embarrassing!

Okay, stop about the complaining, because it is getting better now (thanks to getamicin). And now the funniest thing is my boss who laughed at my pimple, has the SAME pimple in the SAME place! hahaha.. I laughed a LOT this morning when I saw him. Hopefully I won't get the same pimple again because of it. ;)

These pictures were taken last Saturday when I had another gathering with my friends at Pizza Boutique, PI. I love the place, although it is quite in the open place. The pasta is quite good, and I can taste the dessert pizza. We ordered Mudhoney Pizza, though I think it was too sweet and hot (I thought this dessert pizza would be cold). But the Cookies and Cream Pizza looks delicious. =D
-Nice ambience-
-I like this photo =D -

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nice To Write And Share

Hello! Nice to write and share something in here again. Hahaha.. To think that this blog was made to write and share everything that I want... So, glad to blog again. =P

Sorry I am lack of updates recently, I am currently working now. And frankly, I enjoy my time working. At least I can interact with new people and have a daily routine. So it's a pleasure *still. Hahahahaha.

As you can see at the pictures above, yes I like the mustard color now. It's still summer, isn't it? So why don't we wear something colorful, like yellow or pink, and now nude is in right now. Enjoy the weekend guys! =D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some Parts of the Old Town

Some parts of the old town ...
Some parts of memories back then ...

-my favorite picture, I didn't edit it ;) -

I managed to take some pictures with my friend's cousins as the models. They surely are pretty, aren't they? Thought that I should share the photos with you. =)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sandwich Time at Cali Deli

Hello! Long time no see.. Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been so lazy to turn on my computer lately. hahahaha. =P

By the way, thanks for all the good luck and everything on my previous post, it means SO MUCH to me! Thank you thank you thank you... And the good news : I got the job! =)

So here is the story for this post... I had a meet up with my college friends at Cali Deli, FX F7, last Saturday. This red wall resto is so cozy and we can see the baseball court from the window. hahaha. You should try the momogi sandwich (43k), it looks like lasagna with beef, tomato sauce, and cheese. The other selections of the menu contain lots of vegetable but quite tasty as well. The portion is quite big too. Overall it is a nice place in my opinion. =)

-some random pictures from Cali Deli, FX-

-the red wall makes me want to paint my room with red too!-

-A silly face picture.. hahaha.-

-Another silly face picture... hahaha-

-Meet my UI friends.. =) -

- =) -

-So cute.. hehehe. -

-Officially need a haircut! =P -

-Zara Cardigan, white dress from Bali only 15K, Zara lacey dress, F21 anchor necklace, Swatch watch-