Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Love Weekend, Who Doesn't?

-Pastis, Kuningan Suites-
-Ice Lemon Tea; Seafood Bolognaise (65k); Chocolate Melt (45k); Hainam Rice;-I love the white ambiance here-

-Love this cute little gold ring-

-Blazer : Zara, Bag : Mango, Shoes : Pedro, Shorts : Sash

I always love weekend, who doesn't? Hahaha, it is great to have holidays after some hectic or frustrating weekdays. Everyone needs a holiday. =)

So this weekend I visited Pastis, such a lovely restaurant, though I didn't like the food so much. About my outfit, I do like the dark blue color recently, the blazer and the shoes are the examples. I'm feeling bored with the black and gray colors and this dark blue color came up during the summer and it matches with lots of colors. Blue with white, blue with red, blue with pink, etc. Have a nice weekend, guys!